RootsMagic UK Version 9 With Its Latest Impressive Features

RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic UK Version 9: The Absolute Edition

Are you curious and looking out to know ‘What’s New in RootsMagic 9?’ Then you would need to read along till you reach the end of this page.

Today, RootsMagic has become one of the topmost favored genealogy packages ever purchased. And this is because the software is designed to creates excellent wall charts and integrate them with research sites.

In this blog you will get an immediate look at the latest version of ‘Rootsmagic 9 uk which is the most popularly known, award-winning genealogy software.

You would now find your work easier to handle as this software helps to make researching, organizing and sharing your family history effortless. Here you will also learn more about other new unique features that have been added, making it more convenient and a perfect tool for you.

Introduction of RootsMagic 9

You can compare Roots Magic features with any other genealogy software. You could even download the ‘free version’ and take a look to see why and how ‘Family Tree Magazine’ is called RootsMagic and is known as ‘The best all-around genealogy program’.

It offers a winning combination of multiple features for casual and serious genealogists. Now if you would like to compare the full and free versions of RootsMagic then you can choose to click here.

What’s New in RootsMagic Version 9?

RootsMagic 9 comes along with many exciting new features that will help you discover even more about your family history. You can go through the new features added given below;

  • Associations – This is an innovative feature which helps to transform your research by allowing you to keep track of the friends, associates, and neighbors easily, that have shaped your ancestors’ lives.
  • Color Code sets and Labels – You can bring your family tree to life by using enhanced color coding and color code sets. This makes it easier than before to visually organize your research.
  • New Data Tools – This powerful tool is useful in finding problems, cleaning errors and making changes quickly.
  • Saved Search Criteria and Groups – This feature helps you find what you need quickly. And you can create groups of people based on the saved criteria that are refreshed and updated easily with just pressing a button.
  • Much More – You have more than just that there are several enhancements that include personal media albums, a new note editor, spell check, HTML websites etc.

What’s New in RootsMagic Version 8?

You will find the following features that are found in rootsmagic 8:

  • Latest Technologies
  • Simpler Navigation
  • Easier Editing
  • Searching at your Fingertips
  • Save to Modern Formats
  • New Wallcharts and Fancharts
  • Reusable Source Citations
  • Streamed Tasks
  • Better Places and Mapping

Plant Your Family Tree with rootsmagic 9 

Now if you are starting from scratch, using another program or you already have a tree online then RootsMagic just helps to bring it all together into a single convenient place.

Download from Online Trees 

If you already have a history online then RootsMagic will give you a headstart and will download your tree from Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Import from other software 

Your data can be imported directly from ‘Personal Ancestral File (PAF)’ FTM, Legacy Family Tree, The Master Genealogists or Family Origins.

The software even imports GEDCOM which is the universal genealogical data exchange format.

Stay in sync with online trees 

Here you get power, privacy and the freedom of a personal tree on your very own computer. There’s also the communication, collaboration, and resources of online trees. You can easily share tree data back and forth with Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Multiple files 

Having this feature you can create as many files as you want, keeping the backup of your work on your computer or cloud backup services.

Drag and Drop 

The easiest way to open multiple files at one time. And if you are looking forward to copying a branch from one file to another then you just got to use your mouse to drag a person (or people) from one file to another.

Take your work with you 

having the RootsMagic To-Go allows you to put the RootsMagic application as well as your data on an ordinary USB flash drive. You can then take your work along with you and run it on another computer.

Getting Around                      

It doesn’t matter how tangled your tree may be RootsMagic will easily let you navigate all the roots and branches.

All at your fingertips 

you can work with your files, people, places, sources, media, tasks etc., at the main window itself. All you got to do is click on the sidebar to switch between screens without having to lose your place.

Add and edit people 

Here you get to view every piece of information about a particular person from a single edit screen. You can add as many facts, notes, sources and media to each person and family. And the best thing is that you can even share an event among multiple people and define each person’s role in the event.

Find anything 

The search boxes allow you to match items in the list quickly. And if you need more power then you should use the ‘Search Screen’ to search for a name or phrase anywhere in the file or online. You can also quickly search by surname or given names, genetic lines, etc.

Map your family 

To be able to view your family on a map you only need to select a family member from the list and then RootsMagic will display the map along with pins where that person’s events such as birth, marriage, death, etc occurred.

Colors and Groups 

This feature allows you to give color codes to people to see how they fit into the overall picture. You can assign people to groups to find and use them quickly at any time.

Grow Your Family Tree

RootsMagic keeps your work well organized even while it helps you find new records, documents, and sources of information as well as tracks your tasks and work.

Automatically find online records 

The WebHints feature searches for your family online automatically. You can find and view matching records from Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast and also MyHeritage’.

Document your work 

Here you can record the evidence to back up your work. You just need to fill in the blanks and the ‘SourceWizard’ will write and manage citations for you. Additionally, you get to create your own source types also.

From ‘To-do’ to ‘Ta-da’ 

The task management in RootsMagic helps you keep your work on track and set goals, choose tasks, log your search as well as track what you’ve found or lost.

Spot possible problems 

the problem alerts are helpful as they warn you about possible errors in your data while you’re looking at it.

Keep your Names and Places clean 

with the help of the powerful ‘DataClean’ tool things are made easy as it finds and corrects problems in your person and place names.

Publish and Share

One of the easiest forms of publishing and sharing your family history in various ways is found only in RootsMagic. You’ll find the following reasons why it is so;

Over 100 printouts 

you can customize and print out colorful reports and lists. Then save them to a PDF, Microsoft Word DOCX, Microsoft Excel XLSX, etc which can also be used in other publishing software.

Beautiful Charts 

The program lets you design and print spectacular wallcharts and fancharts that show the bigger picture. You n also add pictures and coloring if you want to make your own unique masterpiece.

Exchange files 

Having a ‘Full GEDCOM’ means that you are allowed to share your family tree with others even if they use different software.

Publish Online 

This allows you to share your family tree, notes, sources, as well as media with your own private website by just using the free ‘My RootsMagic’ hosting service.

Create Books 

This feature is useful for creating and customizing full books complete with a table of content, chapters, indexes and sources also.

Make Shareable Drives 

This helps to put the RootsMagic software and your data also on a simple USB drive that you can share with friends and family

Now, if you’re interested and you would like to go ahead and download or know the system requirements or anything regarding Rootsmagic 9 download then you can just click on this link.

Final Verdict 

This is all about rootsmagic 9 review. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300In addition, you can connect via Live Chat with experts via family tree creator support.

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