Instant Steps To Backup And Restore RootsMagic Database

Backup And Restore RootsMagic Databse

Backup And Restore In RootsMagic Software 

If you want to backup and restore RootsMagic database then go through this content quickly. Here, in this article, you will find the simple steps to back up as well as restore the RootsMagic database. So, move ahead and feel free to reach the professional for any related issues to RootsMagic.

Instant Steps To Backup And Restore RootsMagic Database

To backup & restore the RootsMagic database, you need to follow the steps as follows:

  • You have to, first of all, choose the File Page instantly.
  • Go to the Backup Option and then RootsMagic will suggest the name of the backup file that will include the name of the database as well as the data.
  • After doing so, you need to save your backup to your device. If you need to save the backup to the computer then you have to simply save it to the floppy USB and then have to choose the folder or drive that you are willing to save. And for saving it to the drop box then you have to simply sign in to it and then provide permission for saving up the backup.
  • You have to simply confirm the destination for the respective backup. Finally, go ahead to the backup button option.

Note: If you are willing to back up more than a database then you need to simply open one and then have to repeat the above procedure again.


Thus, after following the above steps, you can instantly back up as well as restore RootsMagic Database. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300In addition, you can connect via Live chat with experts via family tree creator support.

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#Q1 – How to back up RootsMagic?

Ans – To back up the RootsMagic, you need to go to the file page > backup and then follow the on-screen prompts, and finally, give a click on the backup button.

#Q2 – How do I instantly transfer RootsMagic to a new computer?

Ans – For transferring RootsMagic to a new computer then you have to start the process of installing RootsMagic software on your device and then go ahead to old RootsMagic and finally, follow the on-screen prompts for retrieving the file from the old to the new computer.

#Q3 – Does RootsMagic save automatically?

Ans – All the new files will be quickly saved automatically to the default folder that you have set.

#Q4 – How do I transfer RootsMagic 7 to RootsMagic 8?

Ans – You have to, first of all, open RootsMagic 8, go to the file menu, and then finally need to choose import from RootsMagic 1-7 and follow on-screen prompts for transferring RootsMagic 7 to RootsMagic 8.

#Q5 – How do I open a RootsMagic backup file?

Ans – For opening the RootsMagic backup file, you need to go to the restore from backup option and then finally, follow the on-screen prompts quickly.

#Q6 – Can I use RootsMagic on more than one computer?

Ans – You can transfer RootsMagic from one computer to another but at a time, you can only use it on a single computer.

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