How to Use and Run RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash-Drive?

RootsMagic To-Go

Here in this blog, you will learn how to use and install ‘RootsMagic To-Go’ on a flash drive. After which you will know how to Transfer Data in RootsMagic To-Go without any difficulty from your computer to a flash drive.

RootsMagic is known to be one of the most popularly used software nowadays. It has many unique features that enable users to get their tasks done efficiently.

You should also know that when you download and install the program the utility will be installed by the RootsMagic program by default.

What is RootsMagic To-Go In Roots Magic?

It is a feature provided by RootsMagic which helps user to take their family tree on a flash drive. So, if you are travelling or visiting your family or friend in different state and you do not wish to take your desktop or laptop then you can use this feature.

This feature will allow you to open your tree on any laptop or desktop if the device has usb port. So if you are travelling and still want to do genealogy research or if you are travelling for your research and if you do not carry your computer, this feature will still help you to do your research.

Why We Use RootsMagic To-Go?

If you are thinking that why should you use rootsmagic to go whenever you have rootsmagic app for rootsmagic software. So in this paragraph, we will tell you why you should you use rootsmagic to go.

Rootsmagic to go is a feature that offer you easy to access of your family tree any time from anywhere. With rootsmagic to go feature you can easily access your family tree by putting it on a single drive. And for this you don’t need to download or install any software like Rootsmagic app. If you use roots magic app for viewing your family tree then first you need a drive where you can install this app.

System Requirement For RootsMagic To-Go

Here we give some specification that you need to know before using rootsmagic to go.
1. RAM Should be 4GB.
2. Your system should be compatible for USB.
3. System should be windows 96 or later and mac should be 8.6 or later. You can also use this for Linux 2.4 X.
4. USB version should be 2.0 or 1.1.
If your system has the above specifications then you can go for RootsMagic to go feature.

How To Make A USB Flash Drive RootsMagic To-Go Enabled?

  • If you have downloaded RootsMagic 8 in your pc then go to program file (x86) in c drive. location and copy the RootsMagic 8 folder and paste it in your USB flash drive.
  • Please paste the place database too as this database is very important, path for this folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\RootsMagic Shared\PlaceDB\ folder.
  • Open the folder and right click on rootsmagic.exe to create shortcut, save this shortcut to c drive or desktop. Please rename rootsmagic.exe to rootsmagiclauncher.exe.
  • Make sure to move all the data from your C drive (rootsmagic default data location) to USB drive by copying and pasting it to the USB drive.

Steps for Transfer data in RootsMagic 8 To-Go

In this process using RootsMagic 8 To-Go you will transfer all your data files to a portable drive and then onto your computer.

  • You need to start by inserting your thumb drive into your computer.
  • And then you should open the RootsMagic To-Go program.
  • Next, you would need to pick the drive letter of your thumb drives from the drop-down menu.
  • You then need to click on the ‘Transfer data’ tab to bring up the transfer screen.
  • After that, you got to choose any file that you want to pass by checking the box next to them. You should know that RootsMagic To-Go keeps track of the file which you have modified and also instructs you how to copy them.
  • Now in case the folder that you switch from is not the one that you want, then you should use the ‘Change Folders’ option to change the sync folder with the monitor and the flash drive.
  • Finally, you will just need to click on the ‘Transfer files’ button.

WARNING: You need to know that when transferring files you must not make changes to the screen as well as the flash drive copies of the file without syncing the records.

However, if happen to make changes to the data files of both versions, then RootsMagic To-Go will not know which one it is supposed to hold and therefore it will notify you that a disagreement has occurred. Hence you will need to instruct RootsMagic on which copy to hold.

How to install RootsMagic 7 To-Go on your Flash Drive?

The following are the steps for installing RootsMagic on a Flash Drive;

  • You will see an icon on the desktop of your computer ‘RootsMagic 7 To-Go’ you got to double-click on the icon to open it.
  • After that, you will see the list of removable drives but if you have not inserted your flash drive then you should do that first to install the software.
  • You should now go ahead and choose the removable drive and then click on the ‘Install RootsMagic to remove disk’.
  • And now you will get a few options having a check mark on them, you should not ‘Uncheck’ them instead keep the default settings and click on the ‘Install’ button.
  • Now after you have installed the program, then you will get another screen to put the registration key on. Next, you will need to select the first option to be able to use the full version of the RootsMagic To-Go feature.
  • On the free version, you can select ‘RootsMagic Essentials –Free version’. You just need to put your name and activation key in the given fields. However, if you have purchased the software then you should select ‘RootsMagic 7 Full version’.
  • And then on the next screen, you will be asked to register yourself online/by Phone or you could register later. But if you have registered yourself before then you do not need to do it.
  • Finally, you should have your software utility installed on your USB flash drive. You can go ahead and use the flash drive on your computer that has the software. Now the USB flash drive will let you open your database and the entire software on different computers.


Thus, you need to follow the above steps for RootsMagic 8 to go on USB Drive.  For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.


#Q1. How do I Transfer RootsMagic to a new computer?

Ans: First open RootsMagic software on your computer. Then now you need to take a backup from your old computer. The easiest way to do that is just email the file to yourself. Now go to your new computer and open the file that you mail yourself. Download the file to your new computer.

#Q2. Is RootsMagic 8 available?

Ans: RootsMagic 8 is available and you can download it free new version named RootsMagic 8 essentials. You can use RootsMagic 8 for both Windows and macOS.

#Q3. How do I Download RootsMagic?

Ans: First open the official site then click on the download button under RootsMagic 7.

#Q4. How do I update RootsMagic?

Ans: If you purchase RootsMagic 8 from the website then you will receive a key of RootsMagic 8. Go to your mail-id and open the link and insert the key of the software.

#Q5. Where is the root directory on a USB flash drive?

Ans: The root directory is the first location that you see when you access the USB memory stick or the external drive. You just need to access your device and you just should be on the root directory.

#Q6. Can I install RootsMagic on more than one computer?

Ans: Yes, you can install it on all of your computers.


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