Brother’s Keeper Version 7.5 Latest 2023 Download and Recent Changes

Brother's Keeper Version 7.5

Brother’s Keeper Version 7.5 Latest Version [2023]

In this article, you will find out everything about the latest version of Brother’s Keeper Version 7.5. This is software that helps to create a genealogical tree chart as well as organize your family history information.

It allows a user interface and lets you build your own genealogical tree and family history chart and also enter detailed information about your family and also by importing existing information from the database.

You can also create and store data regarding photos, videos, full name, gender, etc. you can as well add parents for each person, sons, partners and daughters along with their spouses and children.

What is Brother’s Keeper 7.5 for Windows Specifications?

This version is available on a CD or a USB flash drive. The cost of the CD for the registered users who want to update to version 7.5 is $24 if you would like the new printed manual only. But if you only want the CD then you pay $19. You can check the BK online store for more details.

How BK7 is different from Brother’s Keeper Version 6?

BK 7.5 has a new file structure that allows more and longer fields and all the data that has been entered in version BK version 6 you can transfer into BK 7. You will also find the same reports and features as BK 6.6 plus.

In the following you will see some of the changes made in BK version 7.5:

Longer Fields

Some BK fields are longer;

  • V6 – the names and locations can only be up to 100 characters.
  • V7 – the names can be 110 characters and locations can be up to 120 characters.

Edit Screen

  • In BK version 7 the screen looks almost the same as the one in version 6.6, except in BKV7 the ‘Marriage event’ can go above the ‘Died and buried’ events (unless you have set the option to turn it off).
  • BK 7 – if you delete someone, then that BK number is reused automatically (unless you choose to set the option to not reuse numbers).

Longer Notes

  • BK 7 – the ‘Internal Textile’ can be of any size.


  • BK 7 does not use ‘Btrieve’ for the database. There are some users who faced a problem with ‘Btrieve or wbtry32.dll, then this version will be more useful for them.
  • This version lets you convert your existing data from V6.
  • BK 7 prints reports in just the same way as BK 6.6 does currently.

New Reports

  • Version 7.0 – has two new reports as well ‘The Ancestry Origins report and the 10 Generation Ancestor Circle Summary chart’.
  • V 7.1 has 3 new reports – ‘End of Line Ancestors, Twins Display and Relationship Box Chart’.
  • V 7.2 has a new report ‘Descendants Circle Chart’ it can also print a ‘Table of Contents for the Descendants indented Book report’.

The new Descendants Circle Chart quickly shows you a summary of descendants. It has the starting person in the middle then the ‘Imagine a Box chart with the left side bent up to the top of the circle.

Now the person that would be at the far left of the ‘Box chart’ will be at the top of the circle chart along with their siblings going counter-clockwise. You also get to print up to 10 generations.

  • BK V 7.3 – this has a new report ‘Descendants Spiral Time Chart and also other changes.
  • V 7.4 – has a new report as well ‘Ancestor Implex / Pedigree Collapse along with two games and other changes.
  • V 7.5 – this has a new ‘View’ option; ‘Five Generation View/ Browse and other changes.

What does Brother’s Keeper means?

This program provides a variety of charts and a list which is designed so that it is easily generated, printed or exported to the most popular document formats such as rtf, HTML, etc.

If you want you could also create alphabetical indexes of your family, choose the fields to include in the reports, customize the chart appearance and colors etc.

Brother’s Keeper V7 Features

  • You get to create and manage a genealogical tree chart.
  • And also related reports from many generations.
  • Customizable charts and list appearance and also colors
  • You can generate complete genealogical reports.
  • Easily import and export family history.
  • Numerical and alphabetical reports
  • You can add detailed information for each person and much more.

What are the Systems Requirements of the BK 7 full version?

  • You need to have Windows 2000 XP/Vista/7./8/8.1/10/11 or Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019
  • 32-bit or 64-bit for all the editions.
  • A computer with proper speed.

How to install and Register BK 7 Full version?

  • You would need to first disconnect from the internet (recommended).
  • Then you will need to extract and install the program (launch setup).
  • You should launch the keygen and generate a license key.
  • Also, launch the program and register it offline.
  • Never update and block it also in your firewall.

Now if you do NOT have a working Brother’s Keeper version 7.5 yet, then you can choose from one of the two choices below and then just select ‘RUN’.

This is if you DO have Brothers keeper new version 7.5 already, and it runs without any DLL or OCX errors, then you can just choose to ‘DOWNLOAD UPDATE’ and then select the ‘RUN’ option.

If you already have BK version 7 working correctly and you only would like to update the program and not the language files, then you should choose to download ‘BKUPDATE7.EXE’

Final Verdict

We hope that this blog has answered all your queries regarding Brother’s Keeper the latest version. If not so and you still need more information related then you can call the provided technical support number at any time.

For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. In addition, you can connect via Live Chat with experts via family tree creator support.

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#Q1:- What is the latest version of Brother’s Keeper?

Ans:- The latest version is BK 7.5.

#Q2:- Is Brother’s Keeper software free?

Ans:- You have the BK free trial version you just need to download and try it and then there is a registration cost of $45 after the free trial.

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