Brother’s Keeper Genealogy Software

Brother’s Keeper Genealogy Software is available for Windows 98 to Windows 10 It is developed by John Steed. The program functions as a database.

Brother’s keeper genealogy software helps users enter and organize their family genealogy information. Due to this software users can make a tree and print different charts and reports about their family history.

Everyone can download and install a free trial version of the brother keeper software from before purchasing it.

Availability – Brother’s Keeper ancestries is software available to download for a free trial or purchase from Its updates and services are available to those who have purchased the program.

How to Install MY Brother’s Keeper Software in Windows 10

You can download the free My brother’s keeper latest version 2021 on a Windows computer also on a laptop. In this blog, we will guide you, how to install or uninstall the brother’s keeper software in window 10.

  1. Firstly you have to click on the green download button which is placed on the first page.
  2. Then you have to scroll down the page and then you will find the download link box. In the box, you can find the entire official download link for the brother’s keeper.
  3. Now you must choose one of the online, offline, portable, etc. links and click on the download page.
  4. Last step: The download will start immediately, or you will be redirected to the publisher’s official download page.

How To Uninstall Brothers Keeper in window 10?

  1. To uninstall you have to open Windows 10 settings.
  2. Now go to the application section
  3. Check for brother’s keeper in the apps folder.
  4. Choose it and then select Delete.
  5. Then confirm.

There are a few questions about Brother’s Keeper Software

Is Brothers Keeper free?

The answer is brothers keeper is not a free genealogy software brother’s keeper provides a free trial before purchasing.

Is Brothers keeper is safe?

The answer is yes it is totally safe and useful software. Most genealogists recommend this software. You can install this software on window 10.

Versions of Brothers Keeper genealogy software

The brothers keeper software latest version 7.5 is now available on a USB flash drive CD. And The CD costs for the existing user who wants to upgrade the version to 7.5 is $24 (if you like the new printed manual and the CD) or $19 (only for CD.) For more information, visit the BK online store.

Out of all of the genealogy software, Brothers Keeper is the most user-friendly. Its easy-to-use and efficient interface comes packed with several features. It allows users to attach sources to events and pictures to people. There’s a large note area available for each person to add extra information.

It has a Preview reports feature so the user can see what the report would look like on the screen before printing it. Its prints are in form of standard ancestor charts with 4 to 6 generations on each other. Other than this standard mode users can also print 9 generation ancestor wall charts or a book with an index and a birthday/anniversary list.

A Rich Text Format is available for improved printing choices and fast editing in the user’s word processor. Output can be available in HTML format to upload to the user’s website easily. The Find option allows you to look for someone by their name, phone number, or a partial name! You may also mark individuals as private so that their information is not printed. It uses the GEDCOM format for easy import and export of files, making it readable anywhere.


Brother’s Keeper is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It is not compatible with Mac OS but will run on MacBook with a windows emulator. So Mac users can use it. Support Brother’s Keeper has an email list for user support and users can email John Steed, the developer, at for any support. The software CD comes with 4 short instructional videos for help.

Brother’s Keeper Software review

  1. It Is the most respected and easy-to-use genealogy software.
  2. Easily handling.
  3. Not too overloaded.
  4. The genealogy software contain may translation, you have lots of languages options.
  5. Easy to use and also have excellent support.
  6. Reliability of the program, easy backup procedures.

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