About us

We are a group of certified technicians, who provide technical support on most of the Genealogy Software. We are an individual Genealogy software support provider, trusted company and we don’t have any relation with other brands.

We mainly deal with software-related issues like Ancestry, RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, Family Historian 6, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, Brother’s Keeper Tree, Family Tree Maker Builder.

What is Genealogy Software

Genealogy software is software that helps you to record the historical records of your ancestors and organize them in such a way that it makes a family tree. Apart from recording, organizing also helps in publishing the data.

It gives you the capability to record many details of an individual’s life as well as the intricate relationships between various people, places, and events. Using the genealogy software helps your research in an organized, searchable, and precise manner.

The date and place of ancestor’s birth, their marriage and death, and relationship show up in such software. The relationships of individuals to their parents, spouses, and children are clearly displayed in it. Some genealogy software allows inserting the record of those children who are born out of wedlock. They also include some other information like media, multimedia, notes, and citations.

There is genealogy software that can help you create different charts and reports to display the family history in an interesting and amazing way. Some of the software also generates HTML pages to publish your family tree on your website too.

Summary of how a software organizes your records

  • Dashboard – it helps you to check the pace and accuracy of your research. Also gives you a quick analysis of the entered data.
  • People – It gives the list of every individual on the record.
  • Web search– With every genealogy software this feature assists in searching your ancestors on web platforms like ancestry.com, familysearch.org, etc.
  • Sources – This feature list all sources of your records with the reference for each source. Without the correct source, any information is invalid.
  • Citations – A citation is a reference to a source. The quality, date, volume, and page include in citations.
  • Media – All photos, videos and other media included in your records feature in this section.

        What We do

We provide the best technical support on most of all genealogy software. We have the best technicians, who resolve customer’s queries through Call, Chat, And Remote. If you need any support regarding any genealogy software then you can contact us anytime we will always assist you.

Our most popular Genealogy Software

1. Brother’s Keeper

2. Family Tree Builder

3. Family Tree Maker

4. Roots Magic

5. Legacy Family Tree

6. Family Historian 6

7. Ancestry

This is not the full list of genealogy software. There are other good software’s available to use. So before buying one, good research is a must and rely on the one which you think is best for you.