How To Add People In RootsMagic 8 Software?

Are you searching how to add people in RootsMagic 8 software? If yes, then read this blog. In this blog we will discuss about How do I make a family group record on RootsMagic? add person, add spouse, add child and as well as parents.

How To Add Person In RootsMagic Software Free?

Adding a new individual is an easy task in RootsMagic 8. You have to follow the mentioned steps

  • Given names – Enter the first and middle name of the person you want to add.
  • Surname – Enter the last name of the person you want to add. For females enter the maiden (unmarried name).
  • Sex – Select the person Sex details. For Male type M and type F for Female.
  • Prefix – Enter the prefix name. (Like Dr)
  • Suffix – Enter the text that should follow the person’s name (Like PhD)
  • Nickname – Enter the name the person was familiar with.
  • Dates – Enter the person “Date of Birth,” “Date of Death,” and “Burial.”
  • Places –Enter the person “Birth, Date and “Death place”.
  • Death Description – If you know the cause of death of the person, enter it.
  • After that, Click OK to create a new person or click Cancel without adding the person.
  • When you add a person after filing all the information and click on add button then if the RootsMagic software will compare that on its database and if it find any duplicate entry then it will let you know about that. You may continue add new person it there is no duplicate person in your tree.
  • If it gets any duplicate entry then you can edit that person at the same time and return to the main screen after edit the person.

Adding Spouse, Child or Parents – RootsMagic 8 Relationships 

Add Spouse

add spouse in rootsmagic 8 software

  • For adding spouses please clicks on the plus button and select add spouse.
  • After this, it will ask you some information about the spouse like her name, sex, living or dead, date of birth and some more information.
  • After adding this all information clicks on OK button to save it. Your spouse will be added.

Add A Child or Parents

For adding a child or parent in your family tree you need to follow the same instruction as you follow to add a spouse. Once you have done that then you click on save or ok button to add a child.


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