RootsMagic 8 Issue With FamilySearch Faced By Windows 10 Users

RootsMagic 8 Issue With FamilySearch

If you are facing some RootsMagic not working with Family Search for windows 10 then no need to get upset anymore. You can easily get the complete solutions for resolving RootsMagic 8 Issue with FamilySearch faced by windows 10 users in this content. For any related issues, you are free to contact the professional of RootsMagic quickly for help.

RootsMagic 8 Is No longer Available With FamilySearch

  • After new updates, RootsMagic is no longer available, so, you cannot able to login into Family Search.
  • Family Search not responding with windows 10 users, so RootsMagic is not working well
  • But, windows 7,8,11 as well as MacOS have not been affected.

Steps To Resolve The Problem Due To Microsoft October 2022 Update

If you are facing any problem while connecting FamilySearch with Rootsmagic 8 then you can solve this problem by following 3 methods given below.

Install Microsoft’s fix

You can simply install Microsoft’s fix for your device. After following the on-screen steps for that, you can easily get complete solutions related to connecting troubles with RootsMagic with FamilySearch

Upgrade To Window 11

You can simply upgrade to Windows 11 and then you can easily be free from any kind of hassle. But if your device is not compatible with windows 11 then you will not be able to do that, so, you must first check whether it is supporting it or not.

Uninstall The October 2022 Update To Windows 10

You can instantly uninstall the October 2022 update for resolving the RootsMagic with FamilySearch related issues in just no time.

uninstall the october update rootsmagic 8 issues


If still, something is bothering you related to RootsMagic 8 Issue With FamilySearch then without giving it a second thought, contact the professional right now for quick assistance.

For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300In addition, you can connect via Live chat with experts via family tree creator support.

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#Q1 – Does RootsMagic work on Windows 10?

Ans – Yes, it runs but is not compatible as it is with windows 11.

#Q2 – What is the most current version of RootsMagic?

Ans – RootsMagic 8.1.0 is the most current version of RootsMagic.

#Q3 – Is RootsMagic 8 a good one?

Ans – Yes, it is excellent for both Mac as well as windows users.

#Q4 – Will RootsMagic 8 ever be released?

Ans – It has been officially released on October 1, 2021.

#Q5 – How do I import FamilySearch to RootsMagic?

Ans – You have to, first of all, open RootsMagic essentials and then go to the welcome screen> new, and then finally follow the on-screen prompts for importing it quickly.

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