RootsMagic 8 Download for Mac Using The Safari Web Browser

RootsMagic 8 mac download safari web browser

RootsMagic 8 Mac Download Safari Web Browser Free

If you want to learn about RootsMagic 8 Mac download instructions and being able to use the Safari web browser? Then this is just the perfect blog that you would need to go through. And by the end of the page, you should be all set and ready to get started.

Here You Will Find the All Details about RootsMagic 8 for mac 

  • Find the RootsMagic Installer on the RootsMagic Website.
  • Download and Install via Safari Web Browser.
  • Add the RootsMagic Shortcut icon to the Dock.
  • Enter the RootsMagic registration key to register the software.

Steps to find the RootsMagic Installer on the RootsMagic Website

  • Firstly, you must start by opening your Safari Web browser then go to click on this link
  • Next, you should click on the green download button that is under RootsMagic 8.
  • And then right under ‘MacOS Users’, you got to click on RootsMagic 8. X.X.X. installer link.

Steps to download and install RootsMagic 8 on Mac using the Safari Web browser

  • Now when you are done clicking on the ‘RootsMagic for Mac Installer’ link then the ‘Do you want to allow downloads on’ will appear on your screen, you just need to click on the blue allow button.
  • Then after you have clicked on the ‘Allow’ button then the download process indicator will appear in the top right corner of the screen.
  • After the download process is finished then the icon will change to a ‘Grey Circle’ with a white arrow pointing down.
  • You will now have to click on the icon to open the download folder.
  • Next, you must double-click on the RootsMagic 8 .dmg file.
  • You will then have the opening RootsMagic 8 .dmg screen; it will show the verifying progress.
  • Now once the verification process is completed then the RootsMagic screen will open. You got to drag and drop the RootsMagic 8 icon (top) into the blue ‘Applications’ folder (bottom).
  • Doing so will copy the RootsMagic app to the ‘Applications’ folder.

Follow the Steps below to add your RootsMagic Shortcut icon to the Dock

  • You need to start by opening the ‘Finder’.
  • Next, you got to select the ‘Applications’ option from the left panel.
  • And then you need to find ‘RootsMagic 8’ on the ‘Applications’ list.
  • You now need to left-click on RootsMagic and while you hold the left mouse button down you should drag and drop the icon to your ‘Dock’.
  • Once you have the RootsMagic icon on your Dock then you need to double-click on the icon to open RootsMagic 8.

Enter your RootsMagic 8 Registration key and Register your Software:

  • Now first of all, when you click on the RootsMagic icon you will be able to see the Safari message asking if you want to do so.
  • You will just need to click on the ‘Open’ button.
  • And then if you have a registration key or RootsMagic 8 you should select ‘RootsMagic 8 – Full Registered Version’.
  • However, if you would like to try RootsMagic before you purchase it then you will need to select the ‘RootsMagic Essentials – Free Version’ option.
  • Now if you have selected ‘RootsMagic 8-Full Registered Version’ then you must enter your name and registration key in the fields provided on your screen.
  • After you have entered your key the ‘Unlock’ button will get active; you got to click on ‘Unlock’.
  • Then on the next screen, you will see the option to register your software. You can register online, by phone, or later, however, registering online is recommend.
  • Finally, at last, when you have completed filling out the registration fields then you will need to click on the blue ‘Register’ button that is at the bottom of your screen.

IMPORTANT: You must keep in mind to enter the email address that you used when you first placed your order.

Final Verdict

Thus, you need to follow the above steps for RootsMagic 8 mac download. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.

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