Renew Ancestry Subscription.

Restarting or Renewing Your Ancestry Subscription

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Renew Ancestry Subscription. If you already have an Ancestry account and the Ancestry Subscription has expired, you can Renew your Ancestry membership to the same account you had earlier. In this blog, we will guide you through a step-by-step procedure for renewing your Ancestry Subscription. After doing this if you still facing any issues then, you can contact us. 

Restart Your Ancestry Subscription

You must sign into the same account you used earlier. Once you are logged in to the same Ancestry account you must go to your Account settings page.

On the Account settings page, scroll to the Modify membership section, and you can select a membership type. You are given different choices and the respective price for it. Once you select the best for you and then click on Upgrade.

You would need to enter your payment information and proceed to Start membership.

When you have an account with Ancestry, it is, most of the time, automatically renewed. You have the option to select the membership renewal period. For example, monthly memberships renew each calendar month, semi-annual memberships renew every six months, and annual memberships renew every year.

You get the renewal notification emails well in advance. Normally Ancestry sends the renewal email a month prior to the renewal date for six-month and annual memberships.

It is important to note, that Ancestry does not send the renewal email if you have monthly memberships. If you have an Ancestry membership, it does not mean that you cannot cancel it when you do not need it.

You can cancel the membership automatic renewals at any given point in time. There are no extra charges to cancel the automatic renewals.

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Verify Your Automatic Renewal Date 

Sign in to your Ancestry account and then go to your Account settings page. You will see your current membership status in the Membership section. When the Ancestry membership has already ended, you will see the status of membership shown as “Registered Guest.”

If you have canceled the Ancestry membership but it is still active, you get a button underneath the expiry date to  “Continue Membership”.

You can continue your Ancestry membership by clicking on the button, and your membership will not be automatically renewed.

You can verify your billing information to continue your current membership. Once the billing information is verified, you can click on Continue Membership again to proceed further.

In case, you have canceled your current membership, you get the membership expiry date. The date has shown here is the date when your membership will end, and you can restart your membership after that date.

If you see the status of the membership as a registered guest, you can restart your membership anytime.

What Happens When Ancestry Subscription Expires?

When your Ancestry membership expires, you should check it under the accounts section. You must log in to the account to check it.

If the status shows “Registered guest,” it means your Ancestry membership has expired. Verify your account and add payment information to continue with the membership.

You will have different renewal options to renew your Ancestry membership. You can select the best and activate it again.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Your Ancestry Subscription?

For Renew Ancestry membership, You have the choice of selecting the membership plans as per your need. You have monthly, semi-annually, and annually membership options. Moreover, you also have the choice to select the best Ancestry package for yourself.

There are three categories from which you can choose whichever you think is the best fit for you according to your research.

These are namely – U.S. Discovery, World Explorer, and All Access.

You can log into your account to check for the prices. These prices are offered, sometimes, at a discount. You can avail of the available discount to save a lot and subscribe for a longer time.


In the whole article, you learned about how to Renew your Ancestry Subscription? and also what is the price to renew the account? If you still facing a problem regarding the same you can call us at our toll-free number +1-800-566-7300 or you can also use our live chat support from our website.

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#Q1: How much is a year’s subscription to ancestry com?

Ans: One year’s subscription of ancestry com cost is $99. You can also take 6-months ancestry membership.

#Q2: What are the different ancestry memberships?

Ans: There are three different types of ancestry subscription plans which are US Discovery, World Explorer, and all access. The cost of these memberships is $49, $74, and $99.

#Q3: Is an ancestry com membership worth it?

Ans: No, it is cost-effective and the best thing about this is you can cancel your ancestry subscription at any time. This is one of the best ways to create a bond with your family.

#Q4: Which ancestry package is the best?

Ans: AncestryDNA package is the best choice for genealogy search and family history records.


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