A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding People on Ancestry

Adding People to a Tree

How to add unrelated person to ancestry tree?

In this blog, you will learn how to add people to a tree on ancestry? also, you will learn how to add a relative to your tree? add a specific relationship, add an unmarried person, and how to add an unrelated person to the ancestry tree. In the whole article if you still have any issues or in your ancestry account, you can contact us.

You can add someone to your tree on Ancestry, but to add someone you need to add them to someone who is already added on your tree on Ancestry.

Like when you want to add your mother, you must click on your name your mother. If you want to add your paternal uncle, it must be added to your father.

Add A Relative To Someone Already In Your Tree

To add your relatives to a tree please follow the given steps.

  • Open your tree on Ancestry and then click on the person to whom you want to add the person.
  • You must click on the Tools and then click on add relative.
  • Now you must select what type of relationship is there with the person you are adding to. While adding siblings, you must attach them through their parents. So, adding a sibling to the tree, you must have at least one of the parents added to your tree already.
  • Now, you can fill out your sibling’s information and click then click on Save.

How to add someone to your ancestry account?

  • If you are adding someone to your tree on Ancestry, you may have information about multiple people on the record. Like, census records show that there are many people who lived at the given address on a given date. You may find the names and ages of all those people who reside at that place.
  • While adding a record to your tree on Ancestry that has multiple people’s information, you have the option to add anyone/everyone to your tree from the given record.
  • The relatives who are not yet part of your tree, and you want to add them to your tree, you can save the record by clicking on Yes if it is a hint or you can click on Save and then click on Save this record to (name on which you want to save it to.
  • On the Ancestry tree, those facts which are saved from a record will show up on the left however, those who are already on your tree will show up on the right. You can check the boxes for any facts you want to add or change.
  • While you are going to add a hint, you must click on Next. However, if you are going to add a record, not from the hint, you have to scroll down to see others in the record that you can save to your tree.
  • You must check the boxes for the family members you want to add to your tree and click Save to (your tree – Name).

ancestry add person from another tree

You can also add people to your tree from a public tree. When you add people from a public tree on Ancestry, the sources and media are not included, but you can add them once someone is in your tree. You can copy a person at a time. But there is an exception. You can never copy living people.

Add Specific Relationship People To A Tree On Ancestry

To add specific relationships on ancestry in ancestry relationship chart, please follow the given steps.

How to add siblings on ancestry?

  • You must add one of the sibling’s shared parents in your tree before you add a sibling to your Ancestry tree. Siblings are connected to each other through their parents like half-siblings through one parent, full siblings through two parents.
  • You can add half or full siblings through their parents and once you have the parent on the tree, you can click on them and add the siblings.
  • To add, click on Tools then click on Add relative then click on Child.
  • Now you can the sibling’s information and then click Save.
  • You can add a parent as Unknown if you do not know the name of the sibling’s parent.
  • Then add a child to the unknown parent.

Add step parent to ancestry tree

  • When you want to add a step parent, you must attach them as a spouse to the parent, then you need to uncheck Include these individuals as children of this spouse.
  • You can add a stepsibling by adding a child to the stepparent.
  • In the Parents section, select the option that includes Unknown Mother / Father

Add adopted parents ancestry

  • If you want to know how to show adoption on a family tree.
  • You can add the Adopted family, the same way you add a biological family member on your tree.
  • You must go to the profile page of the adopted person and then click on Edit and then click on Edit Relationships, thereafter, click on Biological and change it to Adopted.

Add Unmarried Parents

If you want to add Unmarried parents, you will add them the way you would add anyone else. Once they are added, go to the profile page of one of the parents and click on Edit then, click on Edit Relationships then click on Spouse and change it to Partner, Single, Friend, Other, or Unknown.

Add More Than One Parents

You must go to the person for whom you want to add more than one parent. Click on the profile page of that person and then click on Edit and then Edit Relationships then Add Alternate Mother/Father.

How to add unrelated person to ancestry tree?

If you want to ancestry add unrelated person, add them as you add people. Once they are added, go to the new person’s profile page, click on Edit and then Edit Relationship.

On the relationship on that page, click the X so it will leave the unrelated person in your tree, but they would not be connected to anyone else. If you want to find them in the tree, you must enter their name in the Tree Search menu.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, you learned add unrelated person to ancestry tree. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.

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FAQS Question on How to Add people to a tree on ancestry

#Q1: how to add someone to family tree on ancestry?

Ans: For adding people to a tree please follow the given steps.
1. Click on the person in your tree.
2. Then click tools and click on relative.
3. Select the people relationship of the people that you want to add.
4. Click on the Save button after filling the information.

#Q2: How do I add unattached person to my ancestry tree?

Ans: If you want to add an unattached person to your ancestry tree then following the given steps you can easily add that person.
1.  Go to the main toolbar and click on the people button.
2.  After that click on add person and then add the unrelated person.
3.  Enter the first name or last name of the person and then click on the add button.
4.   After that the people will be added to your ancestry tree.

#Q3: How do I add siblings to my family tree?

Ans: For adding a sibling to your family tree first click on a close relative in your tree. After that click adds relative and selects the relationship of the person. Then fill all the information of the person that you know and click on the Save button.

#Q4: What we get in a family tree?

Ans: You can make a family tree simple or complicated. It depends on how many people you add to your family tree. If you make a family tree then it could be your parents and your grandparents. But in a complicated family tree you can add your siblings, uncles, cousins, and so on.

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