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Brother's Keeper Version 6

Brother’s Keeper Software Version 6

Brother’s Keeper version is designed with a file structure that allows more and longer fields. Additionally, all the data that you entered in version 5.2 can now be transferred into Brother’s Keeper V6. You must know that Brother’s keeper version 6 requires Windows 95 or higher and users that are using Windows 3.1 can continue using BK 5.2G.

IMPORTANT: You need to know that BK V6 does not support GEDCOM and also has the same reports just as BK 5.2G along with some extra features.

Differences Between Brothers Keeper Version 5.2 and 6:-

Below are the some difference between BK Version 5.2 and 6.

Longer Fields:

  • BK V5.2 – The names and locations can only be 40 characters.
  • BK V6 – names and locations can be up to 100 characters in this version it has occupations as well which can be 150 characters.

More Fields:

  • BK V5.2 – here you can only enter Birth, Baptism, Death, Burial, Other, Ref, and Occupation.
  • BK V6 – you get to enter over 100 different events and multiple events of the same type, such as you can enter 999 occupations for every person.

More Relationships:

  • BK V5.2 – this version lets you enter 8 marriages for each person and 24 children for every marriage.
  • BK V6 – but here you can enter at least 100 marriages for each person and 75 children at least for every marriage.

Better Sources:

  • BK V5.2 – Here you can enter a 3-line source for each event.
  • BK V6 – You can a source of any size as well as you get to enter multiple sources for every event. This means that you get to enter several different sources for each event. You can even attach the sources to non-event fields like ‘Name’. Then you can also enter general sources or structured sources along with Author, Title, Publisher, etc.

Longer File Names:

  • BK V5.2 – now in this version the file names are limited to 8 letters as well as the extension.
  • BK V6 – here you get to use the long file names that Windows 95 and higher use.

More Pictures:

  • BK V5.2 – you can add up to 8 pictures for each person only.
  • BK V6 – you get to add at least 999 pictures for each person as well as attach them to the marriage.

For More Notes:

  • BK V5.2 – you can add message lines or 8 text files for each person.
  • BK V6 – message lines up to 999 text files for each person and attach them to marriages. Additionally, you can also add a note to an event.

More People:

  • BK V5.2 – This lets you enter 1 million people.
  • BK V6 – Here you get to enter 2 million people.

Some Other Features in Brothers Keeper Version 6:

  • Now BK V6 works a lot better than version 5.2 with Windows 2000 or XP or Vista along with USB printers and plotters.
  • Version 6 shows a witness to an event.
  • It can even show multiple names for a person.
  • A name search matches the first 10 letters of the first name and 10 letters of the last name instead of only the first 5 letters. This means that if you only type the first 5 letters of the first and last name it will search that way.
  • This version shows more generations of relationships (up to 60 generations instead of 30).
  • It can also convert your existing data from 5.2.
  • It prints out most of the reports in the same manner as 5.2, currently, the reports that print all the new events are the ‘Group sheet’ reports (if you choose the print more option than the basic events). And the Registered Book report, Indented Book report, and Ahnentafel Book report (this is if you choose the option for more fields on ‘fields to include’).
  • V6 also allows you to print pictures on the Registered Book report, Indented Book report, and Ahnentafel Book report.
  • It even has the option where you can print a separate paragraph for the husband as well as the wife using the Indented Book report, and Registered Book report.
  • You can also easily create HTML files from the ‘Group’ sheet screen.


  • BK version 6 has the same colors for many of its screens as your normal button color or the 3D color (normally which is gray).
  • You can just right-click on a blank spot on your desktop and then choose ‘Properties’ and then click on ‘Appearance’ and change the color of the item called ‘3D Objects’ and then this will be the color that BK6 will use.
  • Now if you choose ‘Item, 3D Objects’ then you should click on ‘Color’ and choose ‘Other’ you will then see a rainbow box where you can move the cursor and create any color that you like. And if you are using Windows 7 then you should right-click on a blank spot on the desktop and choose ‘Personalize’.
  • After that, at the bottom, you got to click on the word that says ‘Windows Color’ and click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ option. You will not see ‘Item’ here you can choose ‘3D Objects’ and select the color that you want just as in the above lines.
  • This version also lets you change the light yellow color to another color just by choosing ‘Options’ that is on the Child grid screen or ‘File’ Background from the ‘Source’ screen.
  • In version 5.2 if you have TIF format picture files then you can download the BKs ‘UTILITY program. This helps you convert .tif to jpg files, however, not those files that use LZW compression.
  • However, if BK6 cannot display your picture file, then you should use the ‘UTILITY’ program to convert the file to jpg but after that, you should not do the conversion to BK^ again.

Note:- Brothers Keeper Version 6 Free Download 

Final Verdict 

We hope that this blog is helpful to you and you are able to manage Brother’s Keeper Version 6 without any hassle.

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