How To Add Siblings To Ancestry Family Tree

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Add siblings to ancestry Family Tree

In this blog, we will tell you how to add siblings to ancestry family tree? and also you will learn how to add stepparents to a tree? You only have to read this blog carefully and if you still have any problem with your tree or facing any issues then you can contact us.

How Do I Add Half-siblings On Ancestry?

You cannot add half-sibling relation to an Ancestry tree until you create their common parent. When you do have the details of the siblings, but you do not know anything about their parents.

In the situation where you have two siblings incorrectly assigned to their parents on your Ancestry tree and you want to fix this.

Add Full And Half Siblings To A Tree On Ancestry

  • On the tree, siblings are related because of the relationship with their parents, they are attached to each other in a tree. One of the parents should be added to the tree before siblings can be added.
  • You must add the parents to the tree before you add the siblings. Sometimes, when you do not know the name of the parents, you can add them as “Unknown.” Then you can add a child to that unknown parent.
  • First, click on the parent of the person you are going to add. For the full sibling, the person should be a parent and for the half-sibling, the person should be a shared parent.
  • Click on Tools then Add relative then click on Child.
  • At the bottom, go to the Parents section, select the correct set of parents for the person.
  • Enter the rest of the information for your sibling and then click on Save.

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Adding Stepsiblings And Stepparents To A Tree

  • To add a stepsibling to a tree you have to add the stepparent first, then you can add their child.
  • Click the family view button. If you can already view the tree in family view, you will not be able to change anything on the tree.
  • In your family tree, you must click on the parent who is married to a stepparent. For example, if Linda’s mother is married to Linda’s stepdad, click on Linda’s mother.
  • You must click on Tools and then Add relative and then click on Spouse.
  • You will find the option at the bottom of the screen; you must uncheck (Include these individuals as children of this spouse). You can skip this step if the option does not appear.
  • Now, you can add the stepparent’s vitals and click Save.
  • In your family tree, click on the stepparent you just added.
  • Click on Tools and then click on Add relative and then click on Child.
  • At the bottom click in the Parents section and then select the option that includes Unknown Mother / Father.
  • You must enter the rest of the information about your stepsibling and click Save.

Correcting A Full Or Half-Sibling Error

You can correct the full or half-siblings if they mistakenly appear on the tree. To fix it you can add them to their attached parents.

  • In your tree, you can click on someone who incorrectly appears to be a full or half-sibling you can correct that information.
  • You must click on Profile.
  • Then click on Edit and then click on Edit relationships.
  • You can list them as half-siblings by clicking on the X next to the parent they do not share with their half-sibling. You can then click on Remove. They should appear as a half-sibling.
  • To list them as full siblings, you can click on Add father or Add mother for the missing information. You can type the name of their second parent, select that parent from the dropdown list, and click Save.
  • You might have entered the relationship from the DNA report, then you might not know whether the common parent is maternal or paternal. In such situations, you can choose Add Father or Add Mother.
  • You can go to the options to edit the gender to Unknown.


In this blog, we discuss how to add siblings to the ancestry family tree? Without common parents, you can not add half-sibling relations. If you want tech support for the same then you can call us at our toll-free number +1-888-652-9580.

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