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Companion Guide Status For FTM 2019

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Are you curious to know about Companion Guide Status for FTM 2019 software? If yes, then you have absolutely come to the right place, here you will learn everything about it. So, move ahead and know its status as well as alternatives to the respective guide. After reading this blog, you will get a good understanding about the Family Tree Maker 2019 companion guide.

Overview of Companion Guide Status 

Before starting, let us know (basically) what is a companion guide Status for FTM 2019? For FTM 2019 it is a book that helps all the tree maker 2019 users to know about everything about the software.

With the help of this book, users are able to understand the software well and thus, follow the steps guide by guide mentioned there for using the software properly. There, you will also get ideas about creating charts as well as using color coding and many more related to family tree makers.

What Is The Current Status Of Companion Guide Status 2019?

Currently, it is under production so it is taking a lot more time than the usual one. Due to covid-19, the production of this book has been extremely affected, so it is taking more time. In case, you have any confusion, you can directly write an email or directly chat with Mackiev regarding everything related to Companion Guide status ftm 2019.

Is There Any Alternative To FTM Companion Guide 2019?

Why to find the alternative when you are getting the same thing via soft copy. Yes, till the time it reaches you, you can download and install a soft copy of the pdf version of the same guide on your device. Everything will be similar, so enjoy reading it.

For family tree maker 2019 companion guide pdf version downloading, follow the steps as follows

  • Open Family Tree Maker on your device.
  • Go to the help section and choose FTM 2019 Guide.
  • There, tap download and enjoy reading it.

Note: If you want, you can print the same but make sure that there are 364 pages total. So, print it down right now properly.

Final Thought

Thus, after following the above steps about Companion Guide Status for ftm 2019. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.

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