Family Tree Maker 2019 Latest Review 2022

Family Tree Maker 2019 Overview

Family tree maker 2019, the latest version of family tree software. FTM 2019 released on 26 Sep 2019. It is a very popular genealogy software.

FTM 2019 has some new amazing features that make it so popular. Seeing the popularity of FTM 2019, today we bring an in-depth review so that people know more about this amazing software.

After reading this post, you have great knowledge about FTM 2019. In this post, You will learn How to build your family tree, family tree maker 2019 download, how to upgrade FTM2019, and what are the features of the family tree builder 2019. So read the full article.

Family Tree Maker Released Date

This amazing genealogy software was released on 26 September 2019 and till then it is very famous among people. Due to its amazing features, it has always taken a place in the best genealogy program.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Features

Here in this paragraph, we tell you about the amazing features of the FTM 2019. Some of the amazing features are given below.

  1. Tree sync is easy with FTM 2019
  2. Easy data merging into the tree
  3. Easy uploading and downloading family trees
  4. Attractive maps
  5. Rich Color coding feature
  6. Easily Create Charts and Reports 
  7. Charting Companion
  8. Family Tree templates
  9. Easy create your family tree

Key Features Of Family Tree Maker 2019

  1. Turn back time
  2. Profile photo perfection
  3. Ancestry hints
  4. Gedcom files
  5. Historical weather 
  6. Web searching

Download Family Tree Maker 2019

If you have an Older Version of Family Tree Maker 2017 You Should upgrade your old family tree maker software into FTM 2019. But, if you want to download it then you can easily download it, and start your family tree. Here are a few steps. By following them you can easily download your FTM 2019.

  1. First, go to the Mackiev website.
  2. Go to the menu and click on the family tree maker.
  3. You will see a buy option, click on it.
  4. A new page will open where you have to select your country.
  5. After that, you will see a new page where you have to click on the family tree maker.
  6. Then you will see three options on your screen. Three options are given below:
  • Download (FTM 2019 for Mac and Windows)
  • Download + DVD (FTM 2019 for Mac and Windows)
  • USB + Download (FTM 2019 for Mac and Windows)
  1. Choose the option that you want.
  2. After choosing the option you will pay the price of FTM 2019.
  3. You have to fill in some basic information like name, email, phone number, country, state, zip code, and city.
  4. When you have done all of this then after paying the payment you will get an email in which you will have the download link.
  5. Click on that link, your FTM 2019 will be downloaded.

Install Family Tree Maker 2019

After downloading the FTM 2019 it’s time to install it on your computer. Here we give some simple tips by following them you can easily install FTM 2019 on your system.

  1. Open the mail in which you have the download link for FTM 2019.
  2. Click on the download link.
  3. As soon as you click on the download link, your installation will be started.
  4. After installation of FTM 2019, you will see a FTM 2019 icon on your desktop screen.
  5. Now you can open your FTM by double clicking on it. Apart from this now you can easily sync your family tree with ancestry.

This is the full process to install the family tree maker 2019 on your system in simple steps.

Purchasing FTM 2019

If you are not a citizen of the United States or live in another place and want to purchase family tree maker software, Visit Software mackiev Center to purchase FTM 2019.


This is all in the family tree maker 2019 review, for more details you can contact us any time. If you have any issues regarding your genealogy software then contact Our tech will assist you and give you the best solution in just a single call.

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FAQ On FTM 2019

For your help, we give this FAQ so that you can easily get your answer regarding your questions.

Q1. Will there be a family tree maker in 2020?

Ans: No, there is no family tree maker 2020. FTM 2019 is still using the year 2022 as the latest version of FTM software.

Q2. What is the Cost of  FTM 2019?

Ans: The price of FTM 2019 is $79.95.

Q3. What is the current version of family tree maker?

Ans: FTM 2019 is the current version of family tree builder software.

Q4. Has the family tree maker been discontinued?

Ans: No, family tree maker software is not discontinued and used by a lot of people.

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