Family Tree Maker 2019 Review with Its Core Features

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review: Everything You Need Know

Here in this content, you will find Family Tree Maker 2019 Review in detail, which will help you know why it’s the perfect choice for genealogy researchers.  Therefore if you want the best and would like to know more about the same then you would need to read till the end.

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Family Tree Maker 2019 Core Features

Family Tree Maker 2019 various practical new tools that are very helpful with organization, media and preservation of data.

TreeVault Cloud Services

This TreeVault Cloud Services extends the use of Family Tree Maker way beyond the desk or laptop. This feature can help to preserve your work in the Cloud as well as sync it with apps for phones or tablets.

It helps to preserve your research quickly and easily. You can also share what you experienced or learned and even protect it for future generations.

Family Tree Maker (FTM) Connect

FTM Connect is a mobile app for FTM 2019 and it runs on Android and Apple devices. Family Tree Maker connect syncs in real-time with research on your computer.

Now even though FTM 2019 is not running, you will still be able to access your work. This is just a perfect tool for collaborating as well as sharing with family.

Historical Weather

One of the most interesting new features in FTM 2019. This tool helps to store over 1 billion historical weather records. You can use it to bring to life important dates in your family’s history.

Next of Kin

You should know that a chain of custody is necessary for genealogy and therefore with the Next of Kin feature you can easily choose who should inherit your work.

For this you will receive a certificate to add to a will, it will contain all the information required for your heir.

It is an important feature that allows you to protect your research. Hence those you love will also get to enjoy and continue using it in the future.

Tree Browser

This Tree Browser Features has a track of ‘Trees, GEDCOMs, and other files. This is very helpful when there is difficulty locating a file.

All you need to do is search for Family tree maker files on your computer and will display the identified data about the file. You can even choose which project you would like to work on.

Rich Color Coding

When you want to easily identify the common ancestors and elated lines then this Rich Color Coding feature is very useful and handy. Here you will find several options on how you can view a person in your tree.

Supposing you’re working on one person then you can choose to code a person with one color. And if you want to be able to see their ancestors also, then you also have the option of coding them up to at least four colors.

If you would like to see a person’s descendants then you got to code these people too with their own colors.

Rich Color Coding gives you a bird’s eye as well so that you can view your tree, which enables you to show both a person’s ancestors and descendants. It is also helpful to make family relationships easier to track.

Smart Filters

Family Tree Maker 2017 introduced the ‘Smart Filters’ feature and now the new version have done improvements to it making it more effective.

Here you can keep all the people in your tree organized accordingly only by creating lists of people. And then you can add criteria to the lists, and specify them for certain traits.

This feature is very helpful in adding people easily and if a list exists for characteristics and a person with that criterion has been added then they will appear automatically in the list.

This is a convenient way for organizing and finding people you already have entered and also an easy way to add and keep track of new discoveries.

Profile Picture Cropping Tool

This is just a family tree maker picture fit perfect tool for displaying family profile photographs in an attractive manner, without even damaging the image, it can zero in on the face of a photograph.

It fits the image to a proper size and frame then cropping it into a square. Now the edited photograph is attached to the person’s profile on Family Tree Maker.

You can be relaxed as this is a non-destructive and intuitive way of working with and organizing your valuable images.

Charts and Reports

This feature is very effective and it includes several ways so that you can easily view a tree such as bowtie, fan, pedigree, and descendants charts.

When you publish your work, you also have the option to focus on only one part of a family or just show spouses, children, and ancestors.

You should know that FTM 2019 continues to include traditional genealogical reports and family group sheets.

Additionally, you can generate reports on birthdays and other important data as well and keep track of your research by using reports of to-dos and contacts lists.


Darkroom is an absolutely powerful and useful feature as it has a simple suite of editing tools that can help to restore family photographs easily.

It also works on faded photographs and restores them to their original clarity. Hence making it unique, as it allows you to remember your ancestors just as they should be.

Final Verdict

We hope that the above FTM 2019 Review is satisfying and you have all the information you need to know.

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