How to Use Tree Browser to Manage Your Trees?

Using a Tree Browser for managing your Trees

In this content, you will find the simple steps for using the Tree browser for managing the trees. Also, in case of any details related to the Using Tree Browser to Manage Your Tree , must contact the professional right away.

Are you tired of spending hours searching for important files related to your family tree, ancestry, or even your TreeVault antenna tree? Look no further! Tree Browser is here to revolutionize the way you find, view, and manage all your trees in one convenient place.

Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, Tree Browser is the ultimate solution for anyone in the United States who wants to take control of their tree-related data.

Whether you’re a dedicated Family Tree Maker user, an Ancestry enthusiast, or someone who values the security of Gedcom backup files, our powerful browser will help you locate everything you need, quickly and effortlessly.

How to Use Tree Browser in FTM 2019 for Mac?

Tree Browser in FTM 2019 for Mac provides you with easy access to various tree files and their categories. Here’s how you can use each section of the Tree Browser.

  • Launch FTM 2019 on your Mac computer.
  • In the FTM menu bar, click on “Tools” and select “Tree Browser” from the dropdown menu.
  • The Tree Browser window will appear, showing a list of all the trees you have created or imported into FTM 2019.
  • You need to then move ahead to the left part of the respective window and then need to choose the group of trees that you are willing to view.

Recent :- This section displays the trees that you have recently opened in Family Tree Maker. It allows you to quickly access the trees you’ve been working on without the need to search for them.

All Trees:- In this section, you can find all the tree files available on your computer that can be opened in FTM 2019. The tree files are categorized based on different criteria, including files from the current version of Family Tree Maker, files from older versions of the application, backup files, and GEDCOM files. This categorization makes it easier for you to locate and open the desired tree file.

More Steps to use tree browser in Family tree maker 2019 

FTM Folder:- The trees in this section are located in the folder that Family Tree Maker uses to store your trees. By default, this folder is the Family Tree Maker folder within your Documents folder. The tree files in this group are also categorized, allowing you to quickly navigate through the files saved in this specific folder.

Ancestry:- If you have online Ancestry trees linked to your FTM 2019, this section provides you with access to those trees. 

TreeVault:- The TreeVault section displays information about your TreeVault Antenna tree account. It shows details about your TreeVault Antenna tree and also indicates the location of the FTM Source tree from which it was created. 

  • After doing so, you have to use sort by option and then need finally, choose the tree mentioned in the list for viewing information.
  • You need to simply go to open tree for opening the respective tree or, just you need to go to show in finder for opening the folder. Or, just, you have to choose the delete tree option for deleting the selected tree from your respective device.

Using Tree Browser in FTM 2019 for Windows

If you need to use tree browser to manage your trees for windows then follow the steps as follows

  • You need to, first of all, go to view and then instantly go to tree browser or just, or you need to choose tree drop-down list instantly.
  • Go to the tree browser and then finally, move to the left part of the respective window.
  • Choose the group of the respective trees that you are willing to view.
  • Go to sort by and show a drop-down list for narrowing the search and then need to choose the tree.
  • You have to then choose from the open tree, open file location, or delete tree option.
  • Also, for creating the new tree, you have to simply go ahead to the tree browser, and then there, you have to go to the new tree button mentioned at the bottom left of the respective window.
  • You have to then finally, choose the browse button for locating the tree that you need to do.


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