How to Upgrade Legacy Family Tree 9

Upgrade Legacy Family Tree Software is easy. There should not be any problems upgrading from an earlier version of Legacy Family Tree to its latest version. Now You can use your Legacy current version customer number to buy Legacy Family Tree 9.ย 

However, You will then be issued a new customer number — It will start with a 9. You can find your version’s current customer number by clicking on Help and selecting General Information.

The first time you open a family file created in a past version of Legacy in Legacy 9, you will see a message to the effect that the file is an older format, and you need to convert them because of new features.

There are rarely any problems doing the file conversion, but here are steps to take to ensure you do not lose any data:

Follow these steps to Upgrade Legacy family tree:-

  • Before you upgrade to Legacy 9, you must run File Maintenance on the family file in your older version of Legacy.
  • Click onย File>ย File Maintenanceย >ย Check/Repair.
  • Before you upgrade to Legacy 9, backup up your family file in your older version of Legacy.
  • If you follow these steps, the chances are exceptionally good that nothing bad will happen and the file conversion to the new format will be error-free.
  • Recommended is to have an expert to this for you so that you do not lose your years of research.

You cannot open a Legacy 9 file in an older version of the program. Which also means there is no backward compatibility. Have the backward compatibility into an older version, you will need to make the transfer to a GEDCOM format file.

In earlier Legacy Family Tree 7.5 or earlier, you had to set the User Account Control to Never Notify. But in Windows 7, You do not need to do that. Since Legacy Family Tree installs to your computer’s Program Files directory.

If you need any help with How to Upgrade legacy family tree software you can visit our website Genealogist Legacy family tree help or you can call us our toll-free Legacy family tree Number.

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