Tips To Select The Best Genealogy Software

Thinking to buy genealogy software but confused?  Don’t worry this post will help you to choose the right one genealogy software.  Here in this post, we tell you some tips that help you how to choose the best genealogy software.

How To Choose The Best Genealogy Software?

To choose the Best Genealogy Software for yourself is a bit tough task. It is somewhat like dating, where you find the match between you and the other person. For the software, it is the interface and features that you look for. It takes a few hurls to choose the right genealogy software. Here is the list of few features which to analyze Best Genealogy Software.

Easy Documentation 

To select the Best Genealogy Software, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the software’s easiness to document the information. It should let you select from the list of predefined events like Birth/Marriage/Death/Spouse Name/ Children’s Name etc. Also, there must be an option to add a fact type that is not available on it.

Few software lets you add media files like photos, audio & video, and DNA test results. Some also come with the auto-fill feature that saves time. This software tracks who is related to whom and how. The feature to view data in individual, family, and pedigree format is also important. This helps to navigate between generations and edit any information.

Quick Source Functionality  

Most software lets you cite a source, for example, a birth certificate/census record. If you happen to come across any data which is conflicting, the software’s source-documentation functionality helps.

To create a record for each source, you must select the source type and fill in the details like location, author, and title. When you want to cite the same source, you can select it from the source list rather than typing it again. There are few software’s which allows you to attach the image of the source.

Graphical Representation

It is fun to brag about the hard work and show it to others. Without the graphical representation, it is difficult. These days many genealogy software help a variety of charts that you can print and display or send to someone as a gift. 

The ancestors/pedigree chart displays an individual’s ancestors three to five generations back. Whereas the descendant chart displays an individual’s descendant. Pre-designed template or customize chart can also be an option.

Convenient Reports 

Apart from the charts, genealogy software also creates reports. For example, a family group sheet, which summarizes basic facts about a couple and their children. Also, the ancestor and descendant reports, narrative reports, etc.

The feature to print reports and add them to a research binder for quick reference is also handy at home or on a trip to the library. Some programs save a report in Rich Text Format (RTF), so you can view and edit it in any word processing program. You also can save a report as a PDF file or an HTML document for easy e-mailing or posting online.

Research Exchange 

When you share the research with others, it should be an easy task. It is easy to convert the tree file in GEDCOM format. You and your family members do not need the same software to switch data.

No matter what software your relatives have at home, they can view your family tree if you send it to them in a GEDCOM format. You also can upload sections of your family tree to online pedigree databases; others can then download your data and add it to their own family files.

Listen To Your Heart

Most of the genealogy software share basic functionality. Each one is different from the other in strengths and weaknesses. Some have good charts and others have good report formats. Before you decide on any software think about what feature matters to you the most. Windows computer users have more options than Mac users.

Fortunately, few software manufacturers have free trial versions of their products. You can try them before you buy them. And, if you do not like a program, do not worry about having to retype all your data when you switch software. You can transfer your family tree to another program, using the GEDCOM.


After reading this post, you are able to choose the best genealogy software. If still you are looking for support or you are facing any problem you can visit our website genealogist Help or you can call us at our toll-free Number +1-800-566-7300.

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FAQ On Choose The Best Genealogy Software

#Q1. How do I choose a genealogy program?

Ans: To choose a genealogy program people check the budget, features, and features of the software.

#Q2. Which genealogy software is best?

Ans: Please check the given list of the best genealogy software.
1. Family historian 7
3. Family tree maker
4. Legacy family tree
5. MyHeritage

#Q3. What is the difference between ancestry and family tree maker?

Ans: The main difference between ancestry and family tree maker is ancestry is a website whenever a family tree maker is a software.

#Q4. Does family tree builder sync with ancestry?

Ans: Yes, family tree maker 2019 is in sync with ancestry.

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