How to Backup and Restore Files in Legacy Family Tree Software

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In Addition, We will discuss about How to Backup and Restore Files in Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software. Need any help Call Now our Toll Free Number +1-800-631-1357.
There are two kinds of backup files in Legacy Software, data file which is also known as family file and media file which has pictures, video, and other attached files. You must use the Windows Extractor or WinZip, which is a program, to restore media backups. 
You can restore the data backup only using Legacy Family Tree. While you try to restore a media backup in Legacy Software, you will get a notification that the backup does not have a family file.
The Windows Extractor is available in Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista, and Windows XP. You must close the Legacy Software before you back up the media restore process.

In Windows Operating System, the process of Backup and Restore is as follows

  • Firstly, open the Windows Extractor
  • Right-click on a backup file which has a .ZIP extension
  • Select on Extract All on the pop-up menu.
  • The Extraction window will open.
  • Type the drive you want to extract the media in
  • click Extract. Follow the prompts.

When you restore the multimedia files, extract them only to same drive they were in before.  This will ensure that file and paths get preserves so that Legacy Software can find your files. If you extract the files to another location, Legacy will not be able to find the files because the extraction location compares to the folder you select as the starting location.
If the files do not show up in Legacy Software after extracting them and all the media items are in a single folder, then go to options>customize>6.2. Change the default location of media files to the folder. Where you find them, by clicking the change button and browsing to the folder, you find them in.
Once this process completes, any media found in that folder will appear. If you extract your media files and they are in more than one folder structure or the above step did not re-link them. You can use the media re-linker to have Legacy search for all media items on your computer.


If you are facing any kind of problem Backup and Restore Files Don’t worry please visit our website Genealogist Legacy help or you can call us our toll-free number +1-800-631-1357.

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