How To Fix Backup Error in Legacy Software

In this Blog, You will learn about How to Fix Backup Error in Legacy family tree software. Follow these steps or fix your problem. Need any Help call our Genealogist Expert we will happy to help you. Call Now +1-800-566-7300.

A small group of Legacy Software users has experience errors in a backup of Legacy Files. And it sorts out with the technical support experts any time. So far, the errors do not duplicate on the technical support team’s computers and the cause of the errors is unknown. So is the solution to those errors.

Backup is an important feature of every Family Tree Software. Without the backup, any changes made to the program would not come into effect until the file backs up. More importantly, if reinstalling the software, changing the computer systems, and restore the file, it should be back up first.

Follow the given steps and Fix Backup Errors and creating a backup file:

Users have described that they can successfully backup from any tab except the Family tab. They get error-free backups from the Legacy Home, Pedigree, Descendant, Chronology, and Index tabs.

  • Legacy Software users have reported that check-marking only Legacy family/Data file allows them to back up without error.
  • You can reset the temporary folder by when you click on Options on the menu bar, then select Customize and click the Locations tab.
  • Next, click on the Reset button for the ‘Location of Temporary Files‘.
  • With Legacy Software closed, remove the Backup’s (backup settings) file from the Legacy folder on your hard drive.
  • This file will re-create to its default settings when you restart Legacy.
  • Open the Data folder, then right-click on your family file
  • Select Send to Compressed (zipped) folder on the popup menu.
  • The backup file creates in the Data folder.
  • Use WinZip. You can download it free by visiting
  • One sure-fire way to resolve the backup problem is by updating Legacy, even if you have the most recent build.

If Legacy Family Tree Software never prompts you to make a backup when you exit, please reset the prompts and reminder message options.

If you are not able to fix your problem and you think you need expert help, you can contact us anytime so our technician can help you.

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