How To Fix Errors in Family Tree Maker 2019

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Fix Errors in FTM 2019

In this blog, you will learn about how to fix errors in FTM 2019. While working on Family Tree Maker 2019, some users produce errors and are not able to use it. In this section, we have listed a few steps by which you can fix the usual errors on Family Tree Maker 2019

Re-Download and Re-Install Family Tree Maker 2019

When you purchase the software, the name and email address that you have used along with the state of your residence should be correctly filled in on the upgrade center to obtain the download link to re-install the program.

After the software is re-install, if a user still gets the error message, he/she can perform these few steps.

Internet Connection Check For Errors In FTM 2019

You must be sure that your internet connection works fine and is not intermittent. Slow and unstable internet connection may not allow you to synchronize the tree to and hence it would bring errors

Computer Check For Errors In FTM 2019

Every software has its compatibility. One should always check for the compatibility of the software before using it. While using the FTM 2019, you can check the computer system first. In some cases, users try to use it on the iPad or Chromebook, which are not compatible devices for the software.

Re-Installation of Software

Due to software conflicts on the computer, or software not installed properly, may crash, and freeze up. In such cases, uninstalling the software is the best idea. But make sure while re-installing it you can follow the instructions to avoid any issues again.

Restarting The Computer

Most of the errors get fixed when you restart the computer. It is a good practice to shut down the computer when not in use. Since computers are machine which gets exhausted if you never turn them off. Turning off the computer is a must for good operation and better performance.

Disable Computer Security

We use Anti-Virus security to protect from viruses and infections in general. These programs sometimes do not allow Family Tree Maker 2019 to function. In such cases. try to disable the security and check if the issue resolves

Disable Computer Firewall

Computer firewall has its own importance to keep any unauthorize stuff coming into the system. But these firewalls do stop FTM software and hence stop it to check if the issue resolves or not.

If you still face the issue, you can contact our support team on the phone to get it resolved.

we provide support for genealogy software. If you are looking for support for your genealogy software like family tree maker, Ancestry, RootsMagic, Family Historian 6, Legacy family tree so you call us our Genealogist Help Number +1-800-566-7300 or you can start with a Live Chat. We are happy to help you.

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