Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Reviews 2023

Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Reviews 2023

Legacy is one of the best genealogical software on the market. In this post, you will get Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Reviews in depth. It allows you to explore your heritage and building your family tree. However, you need to ask yourself – is it worth the money?

There are many other big competitors such as MyHeritage vs Legacy Family tree, Legacy and Ancestry DNA, etc. So why should you choose Legacy? This Review on Legacy 9.0 will help explain why Legacy is better than the others. In this blog, we will discuss the Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Reviews 2023. We provide support for the Legacy family tree. Call us for more information at +1-800-566-7300.

Try Legacy For Free Before Purchase

You can always try the Standard version for as long as you like, but not every feature will be unlocked unless you upgrade to the Deluxe Version. Some of the deluxe features include relationship calculators, a color-coding system, etc.

Legacy offers lots of video tutorials and a built-in help system to help you get started. It is very useful for first-timers. However, if you’ve used family tree software before, you shouldn’t face any problem figuring out Legacy 9.0.

System Requirements For Legacy Family Tree 9.0 

  • Minimum 8GB of RAM
  • Pentium-class PC
  • VGA display or Higher
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Internet connection

Old School Interface Design With Modern Capabilities

Given the fact that technology evolves very quickly, the longevity of Millennia Corporation’s Legacy Family Tree software to have been around for over 20 years is really something. But this does not mean that it is completely perfect.

Legacy 9.0 seems to be stuck in the Windows Vista era- but only virtually. Everything you need is clearly labeled, and if you’re used to Windows Office software, it will be very familiar to you. Though it has a slightly dated look, it has a dedicated team working constantly to improve and add new features.

The charts and trees are simple to work with. And with Legacy 9.0 you can work offline! So even if you happen to be off-grid, you can still enter data.

In Depth Reviews on Legacy Family Tree 9.0 

NOTE: For getting Legacy standout features you need to require an upgrade to the Deluxe Version.

X-DNA Inheritance Charts (Deluxe Version)

Legacy lets you take note of known DNA matches hiding in your family tree. You can also add a color overlay to your charts to see how you’re genetically linked to one another.

Hinting at Family Pictures and Stories (Deluxe Version)

Legacy starts searching up databases from billion of records and will make additional research suggestions along the way for you.

Compare Two People (Deluxe Version)

Legacy lets you compare two records side by side, highlighting all the similarities and differences. This will ensure that you include the right information at the right place and not mix up people.

Online Cloud Backup (Deluxe Version)

You can safely backup all your data in Legacy’s cloud storage.

Blank Census and Questionnaire Forms (Deluxe Version)

You can print out or email a blank census and questionnaire out to close family and long- relatives to collect the right information.

Legacy’s Guided Wizard

The first time you load Legacy 9.0, it will guide you through creating your first family tree. You can also import data from an existing tree, or another genealogy program. It also has a sample file to help you get familiarize with how the software works.

Unfortunately, you cannot automatically sync data between Legacy and AncestryDNA. However, you can still upload and download family tree data manually from Legacy and AncestryDNA via a GEDCOM file.

Great Value For A Premium-Quality Product

As mentioned earlier you can access the standard edition for free, and the Deluxe feature for less than $40(INR 2,570) which is quite cheap for a premium product compared to other top genealogy competitors- like a Family tree by Ancestry$99.00- who makes you pay on ongoing monthly subscription, whereas Legacy Deluxe software is a one-time purchase.

You also get one year of unlimited access to the Family Tree Webinar library after your purchase. However, the deluxe software is available by digital download only.

Best Support

Legacy has one of the best customer support and helps options. Although Legacy doesn’t offer phone support you can reach out for help via social media, email, or by submitting a support ticket. There is also a Legacy’s FAQ section where common questions and answers are found.

Legacy also offers a lot of YouTube tutorial videos. It also offers a subscription to its Legacy Family Tree, a massive library of genealogy videos by leading experts, and regular live events and training, including tree and low-cost events.

Comparison Between RootsMagic And Legacy Family Tree Software

In comparison to RootsMagic, Legacy offers more features in the Standard version. Legacy also supports more languages and includes an international version of the software whereas RootsMagic only supports English.  RootsMagic supports both Windows and Mac. But Legacy is also working on a Mac version.

Unfortunately, without Unicode character support, the program only works with Western European fonts. This leaves out users of Eastern European, Hebrew, Asian, and other non-Western European fonts making it difficult for you to enter data or import/export GEDCOM files containing unsupported alphabets

Legacy features DNA charting along with extra like Family Tree BINGO cards, birthday and anniversary reminders, etc. Legacy also has a vast library of online webinars that help you master using the software, allowing you to create thoroughly researched family trees.

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