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Legacy Family Tree FAQs

In this blog, we will discuss some Legacy Family Tree FAQs. Sometimes customers asked questions about Legacy family tree software. Here is the list of often asked questions from the users on regular basis, and the answers to these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here we have some legacy family tree FAQs, please check them it helps you to find your question answer fastly.

Question:- Is Legacy Family Tree 9 available?

Answer:- Yes, Legacy Family Tree software is available in two editions:
Download Legacy 9.0 Standard Edition (free)
Download Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition (paid)

Question:- Is Legacy Family Tree 9.0 a free upgrade? If not, can I buy it at a discount?

Answer:- Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Standard Edition is free to download. However, Legacy Deluxe Edition is not a free upgrade. You can buy a download-only edition at a special discount here. It also includes301-page manual (PDF) and Legacy Charting Deluxe software. Once the order is complete, you will get a unique Legacy 9 Customer Number on the screen of your computer and the receipt sent by email.

Question:- What is the system requirement for Legacy Family Tree software?

Answer:-You must have a Windows 10 Pro or Home, Windows 8, Windows 7 with Pentium chipset and higher display. It runs on 32bit as well as 64bit operating systems. Available Hard Disk Space of 500MB and 8 GB RAM. Legacy also runs on Macs with Windows installed under Parallel, Bootcamp, or Fusion. It also runs on Linux machines with a Windows emulator like VMWare or Sun’s Virtual Box.

Question:- Do you have a U.K. edition of Legacy?

Answer:-Yes, when you install Legacy on your computer, select the “English – United Kingdom.” You will be able to use all kinds of U.K. resources for the research help. Legacy U.K edition adds templates for the  SourceWriter often.

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Question:- How to get support for Legacy Family Tree software?

Answer:-You can get support from:
Legacy Manual.
Training CDs.
Beginners Video, available under Help on Legacy software. ( You must have a good internet connection to watch the video)
Legacy Webinars.
Knowledge Base on the website.
Legacy Facebook Page
Contact an independent service provider on the phone.

Question:- How much does Legacy Family Tree cost?

Answer:-Legacy Family Tree Software costs $34.95. You can order your copy of Legacy Family Tree 9.0 Deluxe Edition here, which also includes the PDF User’s Guide.

Question:- Legacy Family Tree version 10 release date?

Answer:-It is planning right now with MyHeritage. You might synchronize your tree with MyHeritage.com With the new Legacy Family Tree version 10, Unicode functionality will not be available because it requires rewriting the Legacy software from scratch and that is not in planning. Legacy family tree 10 might include enhancements and characteristics which you ask for, but not the major changes.

Question:- Does Legacy Family Tree sync with Ancestry?

Answer:-Sync to Ancestry is not available now, however, you can use Ancestry on the Legacy Family Tree. Here are the steps to integrate the Ancestry to Legacy Family Tree. You may add an Ancestry button to your My Toolbar that will let you quickly select the Ancestry home page, upload to the Ancestry Online Family Tree, search Ancestry.com or search Ancestry message boards.
1. You can customize your Legacy Family Tree Toolbar.
2. Then you can customize the Toolbar on the screen in two ways.
3. You can go to “My Toolbar” at the top of the screen.
4. You can visit Toolbar Buttons at the bottom of the screen.
5. Add the Ancestry.com button to “My Toolbar” and then drag and drop it to the preferred location on Legacy Family Tree.
6. As soon as you release your mouse button the Ancestry.com button will appear on My Toolbar at the top of your Customize Toolbar screen.
7. Next, click OK and you are set.

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Question:- How do I merge two people into one?

Answer:-Frequently, you will find two (or more) people in your Family File are really the same person. You can easily merge the same persons by pressing the Merge picture button on the toolbar. The Merge Two Individuals screen appears with the current person loaded on the left.
If this is not one of the people you want to merge, press the Select Left button, and choose the correct individual from the Name List. Next, press the Select Right button and choose the other person.
When the two load up, you can see the differences in information and choose which one you want to keep. Merge the two individuals into one, press the Merge Right Individual into Left Individual button.

Question:- How do I calculate the birth date from a person’s age?

Answer:- The information you find on a gravestone will often include the date of death and how old the person was when they died. From the given information you can quickly and easily calculate the date of birth.
Alternatively, you can press the calendar button on the toolbar to display the calendar window. Click on the date calculator tab and then enter the date the person died in the Death Date field.
Afterward, enter the age of the person in the Years, Months, and Days fields. Then the birth date and press the calculate button. The birth date appears in the birth date field.

Question:- How do I print a list of all the surnames in my Family File?

Answer:- Bring up the Name List by pressing the Name List button on the toolbar. Press the Print… button at the bottom center. The List Report Options window appears. Click the Surname Summary checkbox near the bottom-right corner.
Finally, press Preview or Print to view or print the report. The report includes each surname, how many times they appear in the list, and the range of birth dates involved.

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Question:- How do I change the format used to display dates?

Answer:- Legacy software allows you to select the format to enter and display dates. You can do it by choosing Options / Customize to display the Preferences screen. Click on the Dates tab and select the desired format. Another date option is also available from this screen.

Question:- How to rearrange the order of children?

Answer:- You can change the order of children’s displays on the tree. Right-click on the list of children on either the Family View or Pedigree View. Choose Children Settings from the popup menu. You can also choose Children Settings from the Edit pull-down menu.
The Children List would appear. When you move a child from one location to another, click on the name to highlight it, then use the up and down arrows in the lower right corner to move the name up or down in the list. You can also sort the list into birth date order by pressing the Sort button.

Question:- How can I find all the oldest/youngest generations in my Family File?

Answer:- Legacy Family Tree Software includes searches that let you easily find the oldest / youngest generations in your family file. Press the Search button on the toolbar. Click on the Miscellaneous Searches tab. You can then choose which type of list you would like to create.

Question:- How do I send my Family File to the Ancestral File?

Answer:- Choose Export to – GEDCOM File from the File pull-down menu to display the GEDCOM Export window. In the Produce File for combo box, choose LDS Ancestral File. Make sure the Records choice box is set to the records you want to export.
When you want to exclude certain information from the Ancestral File GEDCOM, press the Customize button to view the Items to Include window. You can also protect the privacy of living individuals by checking the Suppress details for the Living people box. When you are ready to produce the GEDCOM file, press START EXPORT.


This blog is all about Legacy Family Tree FAQs. If you still need any help regarding Legacy Family Tree Software then, you can call us at our toll-free number +1-800-566-7300.

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