Top 5 Free Family Tree Maker 2023

free family tree maker

Looking for a free family tree maker? In this post, you will get the knowledge about the best free family tree maker. Family tree maker is used for searching family history and share it with all over the world. It helps us to prevent our family memory for the future. You can get a lot of family tree maker software for creating your family tree.

Some people are confused that which the best genealogy software is for them. That’s why we wrote this post so that you can easily get the best free family tree maker for you.

List Of Best Free Family Tree Maker Software

Family Tree Builder

Family tree builder is popular genealogy software used by millions of people. It helps you to search your family history worldwide and make your family tree. You can easily add photos, historical records and many more things with family tree builder. You can download family tree builder free.

What You Get In Family Tree Builder?

You will get the given things with free family tree builder.

  • Powerful genealogy software
  • Smart matches technology
  • Attractive charts
  • Record matching technology
  • A private family tree site
  • Detailed privacy setting
  • Maps
  • Mobile sync


RootsMagic (RM) is a free genealogy software. It is very popular among the people. People used this for making family tree. You can easily use this software. The newest version of this software is RootsMagic 8.

Legacy Family Tree

If you want to make a family tree for free then legacy family tree is one of the best family tree makers. If you want to work together on the same family tree then legacy family tree is one of the best for you. It is free to download; you can download it for free.

Family Historian

It is one of the numerous awards genealogy software. Family historian 7 is one of the best genealogy software according to the TopTenReviews. If you want to download it free then you can download it anytime.

Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker is one of the most popular genealogy software. Many people used this software all over the world. It is famous but little bit expensive. The company released its many versions you can check the famous versions of family tree maker.

FTM 2019 is the newest version of family tree maker software. Rich colour coding, ancestry hint, and, profile picture perfection are one of the top most features of this software. Some of the key features of FTM 2019 are given below:

  • Photo darkroom
  • Easy media arrangement
  • Ancestor mapping
  • Companion guide
  • Free templates
  • Turn back time
  • Tree vault cloud service
  • Next of kin

These are some best features of family tree maker 2019 so that it is so popular and used by a lot of people even it high cost.


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