Legacy Family Tree 9 Software Reviews [2023]

Legacy Family Tree 9

Today, Legacy Family Tree 9 has become one of the most popular & reputed genealogy software. It has made our life easier by storing genealogy information in a simple way. Along with that, it has the capacity to a huge number of records into it.

But now the question is? Is it worth investing in its paid features? Does it provide extra important features in comparison to the free one? Get ready to know everything about it in detail via this article. And also find out what Legacy Family Tree  has more to offer to its users!

How Legacy Family Tree 9 Beneficial for us?

If you are new to the software then Legacy Family Tree 9 will make your process easier. It has the capacity to simplify the initial process. Along with that, it also has the capacity to offer some good suggestions regarding our new family tree. So, if you are deciding to make a new family tree then it is going to really be a big helping hand. Also, for getting more advanced suggestions, you can upgrade it to the deluxe version.

Core Features

Legacy Home:

It is available on the main screen. So, this is the home tab where you can find all the important documents related to your family tree. Along with that, it is the best tool for organizing & staying up to date. Also, it keeps us updated with all the legacy genealogy -related news. You can also find a to-do list where you can instantly type your reminders.

Family View:

It helps us to view more than a family at a single time. So, because of this, one can easily switch out between two generations at a time. Along with that, it shows the additional details related to marriage, birth, death, and so on.

Pedigree view:

It is used for displaying individuals along with the four generations of parents and has been designed as a color-coded button that shows descendants only if the main individual has children. It is a great helpful tool for showing all the special events of a person.

Index View:

It can show all the individuals in the legacy software family tree. The columns can be properly customized for showing different records of the family.

Research Guidance:

It is situated at the home screen which is used for starting a new family. It offers a great help while finding an ancestor. With the help of this, you can find a lot of suggestion sources from a large number of added details.


With the help of this, one can easily cite sources as well as document all the important information. It includes the data for an individual and their life events. Here, you can also find an easy-to-use template that helps in recording all the sources.


Legacy Family Tree  offers around 29 charts. With the help of that, one can easily choose the form depending on their needs. They all are great. Not only this, you can also find charts related to DNA reports. The best part about the charts is that you can add a background image for displaying different charts.


You can find options for different reports on the Legacy Family Tree 9. Some of them are:

  • Birthday and Anniversary Calendar
  • Family group sheets
  • Descendant reports
  • Pedigree reports
  • Ancestor chart
  • Individual reports
  • Lineage reports
  • Descendant book
  • Timelines
  • Multiple lines of descent report
  • Descendant narrative report
  • To-Do report
  • Source citation report
  • Ancestor book generation
  • Event report
  • Name tags


It helps in combing two reports into a larger report. The best thing about merging is that you can easily organize with title page, preface page, copyright notice page as well as the introduction.

Difference Between Free & Paid Versions

As you have seen there are many features that you can use with the free version. But to enjoy the advanced features, you need to unlock the paid feature. Well, it is absolutely true that the deluxe version has more to offer and so, it is considered best than the standard one. So, if we see individually then:

Standard version offers:

  • Basic reports
  • Free subscription
  • Offers everything that many users want

Deluxe version offers:

  • Source writing, mapping as well as other reports
  • Includes a guided setup wizard
  • Help you in finding the ancestors automatically
  • Helps in comparing two people at a time
  • Color coding
  • Media sorting
  • Interview reports
  • New relationship calculator
  • Enhanced backups and many more


Legacy Family Tree 9 is compatible with the devices mentioned below:

  • Windows 10 pro
  • Windows 8
  • Windows home
  • Windows 7
  • Macs with windows (installed under Bootcamp/parallel/fusion)
  • Linux machine with a windows emulator

But note that, for making it run on most of the programs, you must have a hard disk with almost 500mg of space.

Have any queries?

If something is bothering you related to Legacy family tree software then feel free to reach us. The professional is well-trained, they will guide you with 100% family tree troubles. Contact us and get free from all legacy family tree software-related issues in no time.

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