Overview of Family Historian 6 | App Reviews, Features, and Download

Family Historian 6

Family Historian is one of the reputed genealogy software used for meeting the needs of the users. It is used for compiling different stories about the lives of the ancestors. Read the article completely for knowing everything about Family Historian 6.

Features of Family Historian 6

New map window

  • With the help of new map window, you can easily map the locations for different places as well as events. Along with that, you can also view family movements via Time slider. Not only that, you can also select the combination of people, event and filter. Give a click on a marker for viewing all the events. For instance, if you want, you can show all the birth places of ancestors in red color and so on. Along with that, you have the choice for choosing two different map styles at a time.

New web search window

  • It helps in allowing simple browsing of the internet. It is also one of the best and reputed components of the new WCC. (Web clipping capability). By using this, you can also use the external browser.

Newly media Link tool

  • With the help of new media link tool, you can quickly resign the look. It will give a more attractive look. It is best for adding frame links. For doing so, you have to give a click on drag option. Or, go to one of the buttons mentioned at the bottom of the image. Go to the left side and choose media list pane. For viewing the frame link, give a click there. You can also choose to links for playing the media file. But if the link has broken then the line will be converted into red color.

New automatic source citation pane

  • Old one has been replaced with the new automatic source citation pane. It is situated at the top of the screen that is used for creating records. Also, you can source citation via this.

Easier and Faster Data Entry

  • With the help of this, one can easily add the data and facts. For doing so, go to add fact button. After that, move to fast add menu. Finally, it will be added there on the screen.

Attach pictures to the places

  • You can also link the pictures as well as multi-medias. Along with that, you can also attach various pictures. With each place, you can add the records, name, longitude and latitude.

Web clipping capability

  • With version 6, one can easily extract the images as well as texts from any website you want. Also, you don’t have to re-type the text. With web clipping, one can easily create and enhance the number of components. Components included in it are as follows:
  1. The new automatic source citation pane
  2. Easier and faster data entry
  3. Drag & drop everywhere
  4. Copy & paste everywhere
  5. The new web search window
  6. Modeless windows

New Find Tools

It is used for finding different results. It can be easily shown in the property box.

App Reviews of Family Historian 6 

Different people review different ratings about Family Historian 6. Give a look mentioned below for knowing about it:


  • 30-day free trial
  • Good for adding relatives of unknown gender
  • Offers a lot of supportive documents
  • Offers many new templates


  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Don’t support phone
  • Downloading price don’t include anything related to research sources


Family Historian is free for first 30 days. Just, you have to sign up without entering down the card details. An activation code will come to your email address then you can use it for free from the complete 30 days. And after 30 days, you can start the subscription by paying. It starts at $46.50 which only runs on the windows and no other device.

How to Instantly Download Family Historian 6 on your Device?

You can instantly download the Family Historian 6 on your device via download link. After the delivery, you will get a download link. If you have already used the free-subscription then you need to use the product key. With the help of that, you can unlock the subscription. Also note that, it only runs on window 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and vista.

Have any queries?

If still, something is troubling you related to Family Historian 6 then must reach on Family Historian professional right now. The professional will guide you with 100% solution, so reach them instantly for Family Historian related issues or you can start with a live chat.

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