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Family Tree Maker Complete Review 2022

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Family Tree Maker Introduction

If you are fond of genealogy search then you already know about the family tree maker software. You have seen a lot of family tree builder in the market but this genealogy software is a very popular genealogy software since its released date.

In this post, we will tell you a brief detail of FTM software. So if you are serious about your genealogy search then read the full article.

Family Tree Maker Release Date

The first version was released in 1989. You can use this genealogy software in both windows system or Mac operating system. Kenneth Hess developed this genealogy software. After sometime it is purchased by Broderbund in 1995.

Why Family Tree Maker Used For?

It is a genealogy software that is used for creating a family tree. Family tree is a graphical representation of your family history in the form of a tree that why it is known as a family tree. In a family tree you can save your family data in the form of photos, video, and other records like date of birth, date of death, marriage anniversary and many more other data. It is also helpful for children to increasing interest to know more about their ancestors.

Family Tree Maker Software Versions

This software has many versions but don’t worry we tell you some popular version and all version in short.

Its first version was released on 1989 by Banner Blue Software which is not supported. Second version was released on January 1994 which is also not supported by the company.

Company almost stop given support  to the old version. But customers can also update their old version of FTM and use them till now. But not all version, customers only update some version to the new one.

Latest Version Of Family Tree Maker Software

FTM 2019 and FTM 2017 are the latest version of family tree builder software. You can easily download them and install them from the support center. Both latest versions have some new and amazing features.

The latest free update version of FTM is 23.3 for FTM 2017 and 24.0.1 for FTM 2019. So update your genealogy software for using the latest features and better user experience.

How To Choose Best Family Tree Maker?

There are so many FTM software in the market which has different features and prices. Many people are confused that which is the best genealogy software for them. So keeping this in mind we bring some tips to how to choose right genealogy software for you.

  • Budgets: First thing that effect most is the budget. First you have to check your budget before purchasing any genealogy software.
  • Features: Second major factor is features. Before purchasing any genealogy software you have to check their feature and confirm that it is the right thing that you are looking for.
  • The last one factor is operation system configuration. You have to check that your system has the right configuration for using the genealogy software or not.

After checking all these point you can easily choose the best genealogy software for yourself.

Best Genealogy Software

Here we give a list of best genealogy software. You can choose anyone of them and make your family tree in simple steps.

  1. Family Historian 7
  3. Family Tree Maker 2019
  4. MyHeritage
  5. Legacy Family Tree
  6. FamilySearch
  7. Family Tree Heritage Gold

Here is the best genealogy software. You can use anyone of the genealogy software for making a family tree.

Family Tree Templates

Family tree templates are the easiest way to make a family tree in just a few minutes. These are a predefined templates in which you have to insert the data of your family and just click on the save button, your family tree will be created. You can check many free family tree templates online for your family tree.


This is all for the family tree maker software. If you need any help then contact anytime. We have 24/7 customer support and our tech support team are always ready to help you. For getting instant help call at +1-800-566-7300.


#Q1. Is family tree maker discontinued?

Ans: Oldest versions are discontinued but you can use your old genealogy software by updating them into a new version.

#Q2. How much does a family tree maker cost?

Ans: $79.95 is the price of full family tree builder software.

#Q3. Which family tree maker is the best?

Ans: All family tree builder software has some amazing features so we can’t say directly which software is the best. You have to check some points and then decide which software is best for you.

#Q4. Can I upgrade the family tree maker?

Ans: Yes, you can update your old version of FTM.

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