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Legacy Family Tree Software

Legacy Family Tree Software

In addition, Legacy Family Tree is genealogy software from Heritage. Legacy Family Tree Software is developed by Ken McGinnis and Dave Berdan in 1997 for Windows users only. However you can use it on newer Macs with Windows installed under Bootcamp, Parallel, or Fusion. It helps family historians track, organize, print, and share family history. The company that began 23 years ago has released its newest update on September 2nd, 2020 called Legacy Family Tree 9 or, Legacy 9.

So these are all about legacy Family Tree Overview. Secondly, we want to introduce ourselves, So we are a group of certified technicians, who provide technical support on Legacy Family Tree issues and quires. However, if you need any support for this software and facing any issues you can contact us anytime.

Latest Version of Legacy Family Tree Software

The current version of Legacy Software is Legacy 9.0 (Deluxe Edition). It was initially released in the year 2017.  You get updates every few weeks and the latest updates can be downloaded for free.

Legacy Family Tree Standard Vs Deluxe Edition 

The standard edition is available for free, however, if you pay a fee and activate the product, it will “unlock the” additional features in the deluxe edition. The free edition, which one can use by registering on the company‚Äôs website and then downloading the software. It comes with no restrictions.¬†

The difference between Standard and Deluxe Edition of Legacy Family Tree is that on the Deluxe Edition all the features are available. A Deluxe Edition user pays for the program and gets a customer number to unlock the Deluxe features. On the other hand, the free Standard edition is available as freeware. So, users do not get a customer number.

Standard Edition of Legacy Family Tree

In Standard Edition of Legacy Family Tree, the basic features are:-

General Features

Bookmark individuals, Family View, To-Do List / Research Log, Pedigree View, Birthday, and anniversary reminders, and Free tips and support.

Sources and Notes

Footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, Source clipboard, General, research, and medical notes, Spell checking and Memorizing sources.

Reports and Charts

Pedigree chart, Family group record, Blank research log form, Wall Charts with four-generation limits, and the number of reports and charts are ninety.


Add pictures, sound bites, videos, and print pictures on charts and reports


Creates a website and Internet searches are only eight.


Finds duplicates in your family file, undo a merge session, and automatically merges people with w/no differences.

Deluxe Edition of Legacy Family Tree

In the Deluxe Edition of Legacy Family Tree, the basic features which are available in Standard Edition will be available. Those features which are not available in Standard Edition but in Deluxe Edition are below.

General Features

Research Guidance, Location database of over three million places, Historical timelines from around the world, DNA markers – record your DNA findings, Chronology View, Descendant View, Index View with use name list, Relationship Calculator and Compare 2 files for duplicates.

Sources and Notes

Source Writer Рbased on Evidence Explained rules

Reports and Charts

Wall Charts without any generation limit, charts up to 124 and number of reports, Interview Reports (over 1,200 interview questions), Publishing Center, Calendar Creator, File IDs report, Chronology Report, and Family Picture Tree report, Blank census forms, Produce PDFs, and Multiple lines of the descendant report


Add documents in these file formats.pdf, and .doc, and the Picture Center


Create your own Internet searches


Mark a pair as ‘not duplicates’

Languages you can use in Legacy Family Tree ‚Äď International Versions of Legacy

Afrikaans (Afrikaans),¬†¬† Czech,¬†¬† Dansk (Danish),¬†¬† Deutsch (German),¬†¬† Espa√Īol (Spanish),¬†¬† F√łroysk (Faroese),¬† ¬†Fran√ßais (French),¬†¬† Italiano (Italian),¬†¬† Nederlands (Dutch),¬†¬† Norsk – Bokm√•l Norwegian),¬†¬† Norsk – Nynorsk (Norwegian),¬†¬† Portuguese (Portugal),¬†¬† Suomi (Finnish),¬†¬† Svenska (Swedish)

There are four English versions of Legacy Family Tree.

English (Australia) English (USA) English (United Kingdom) and English (Canada)

As per the Legacy Family Tree website, other Translations are in progress:

They are currently working on translations for the following and their translation teams have made great progress. Legacy Family Tree has started public testing for-Chinese&Eesti (Estonian).

New Features Added on Legacy Family Tree Software (9)


Legacy 9 Family Tree Software searches billions of records from the websites like – FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage – for your ancestor records. It is easier to find missing information, photos, and events to add to your tree. It also gives hints for the latest information, pictures, and stories of your ancestors.

Reports and Charts

You can see the trends in your ancestors’ medical history. The new Cause of Deathcharts is available for this purpose. You can expand your genetic genealogy tools with the new X-DNA color schemes. You can involve everyone at your next reunion or family gathering. In Family Dictionary, you can also see your tree briefly.

FindAGrave.com Search

You can easily access your ancestor’s Find A Grave memorial and create a list of people in your tree with or without Find A Grave IDs.


You can safeguard the stories of your own and your ancestors. The new Stories tool lets you record, organize, and print multiple stories for any of your ancestors.


With Legacy Family Tree software, you can create hashtags to describe your ancestors. After creating the hashtags, you can search for or print a report of everyone who shares that hashtag. These hashtags are unlimited.

Compare two individuals

If you are researching two same-named individuals and facing difficulty while differentiating two William Smith in the same place, the new Chronology Comparison report put them side-by-side, color codes their similarities and differences, and helps you determine if they could be the same person.

Color Coding Feature

It is one of the popular features of Legacy Family Tree Software. This popular feature has been developed. Now you can use this feature both in the Index View and Name List.

Best Things You Can See On This Software

The Software comes with many useful and easy functions like FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage. Through these Legacy search engines, the software looks across the key websites for your ancestors. This lets you find missing information, pictures, and events to update in your family tree. These Hints are a very efficient tool to enhance your chart! What is Find A Grave? Find A Grave feature lets users locate their ancestor’s graves in just a few clicks. The Cause of Death charts shows both the age and cause of death of family members.

The user can view this information from ancestor, descendant, fan, hourglass, or bow tie styles. There’s an option for enhanced color-coding in both Index and Name List views to make things even more convenient. There’s a new Chronology Comparison report feature. Which puts the two individuals to be compared side-by-side. Displays their differences in color codes. And helps you find out if they can be the one person only.

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The new Stories feature lets your record and preserves all your family anecdotes in one place which you can organize and even print. Online Back-up in Legacy Family Tree. You can now even protect your data from being lost by backing it up online. The hashtags feature makes it easier to organize and find information when you need it. You can create family information in a dictionary mode in alphabetical order.

So you can get information. A fun feature is that Legacy 9 creates a Family History Bingo to have fun at family gatherings! You can download and go through the Brochure of Legacy 9 to view more details on the additional features of this latest version of the software. 

Legacy Family Tree For Mac

Legacy Family Tree Software is not available for Mac computers. But there is a way by which you can use it on a Mac computer. Click here to know how you can download the Legacy on a Mac computer.

Legacy Family Tree Download

Earlier versions of Legacy

For downloading earlier versions of Legacy, you can click here.

Other Language

To download Legacy in another language, click here.

Reinstall the Deluxe Edition

You can simply download the Standard Edition by clicking here, then enter your Deluxe Customer Number during installation to unlock the features of the Deluxe Edition.

Windows Only Download

Legacy is a Windows program. If you are using a Mac computer click here to learn how to run Legacy on your Mac.

Legacy Genealogy Software Reviews 

For a variety of reasons, Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Software is one of the best genealogy software, as you can see below.

Comparing Legacy Family Tree with RootsMagic, the RootsMagic wins in many things because it supports both Windows and Mac systems. However, Legacy offers more features in the Standard version than RootsMagic’s free edition.

Legacy supports other languages while RootsMagic only supports English.

Between Legacy Family Tree and Family Historians, both let you create a variety of colorful and interactive charts, but the only Legacy supports DNA charting along with superb features like Family Tree BINGO cards, birthday and anniversary reminders, and reunion name tags.

Legacy shines above the rest of the software are because of its vast library of online webinars that helps you master the software and improve your skills as a genealogist.


Above all, the Legacy Family Tree Software is only available for Windows users and the latest version of the Legacy software is 9.0. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.


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