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Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Deluxe Edition 

Legacy 9.0 Deluxe edition is a part of Legacy Family Tree software that is user-friendly to save your family history. It can have millions of records which include names, alternate names, dates, places, events, notes, sources, pictures, and audio files. The information of your ancestors which you store on it intuitively brings up the big picture of your family. You can navigate through the “Family View” and “Pedigree View” easily.

You can edit and add information with no difficulty. Because ancestor’s records like to add new individuals and their marriages get add up in either of the views. Also supplies a wide layout of reports of all kinds. As well as adds calendars, timelines, logs of research and questionnaires. All the information is in printable format.

The Best Feature of the Legacy Software

The best feature of the Legacy software is it calculates the relationship of everyone in your Family File to a certain person. Likewise, it can also sum up the age of an ancestor at an important event of his/her life.

It gives an opportunity to add a huge amount of information, while a parent may have up to sixty children, one person can have multiple sets of parents, unlimited alternate names, events, sources, and pictures.

The best features need an upgrade to the Deluxe version, and it is worth the investment, especially if you are a serious researcher. The given below are few key features that you can look at, in brief:

Key Features of Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Software 

X-DNA Inheritance Charts 

Legacy 9.0 software allows you to make notes of known DNA matches hiding in your family tree, also you can add a color drape to your charts which helps you to see how one person links to one another. You can use popular DNA websites like MyHeritage or AncestryDNA to discover thousands of potential relatives.

Hinting at Family Pictures and Stories

Legacy 9.0  also combs through billions of records on the top genealogy sites like FamilySearchMyHeritageFindmypast, and Genealogy Bank. You would have more This means more developments in your tree. As you add information about your ancestors to your tree, it instinctively starts searching these website databases for you and will make added research suggestions in the form of hints.

Compare Two People in Legacy 9.0 Family Tree 

Do you have multiple generations with the same name? Legacy Software has a unique feature to allow you to compare the two records side-by-side, emphasizing the resemblances and disparities to filter the correct information in the right places.

Online Cloud Backup

Losing any information which you have accumulated over the years is inconceivable. Nothing is harsher than losing a research project you have worked on for a long. With the online cloud backup feature, you can keep your arduous work safely backed up in Legacy’s cloud storage. If your computer system breaks down or you upgrade to a new computer, you can restore your family tree with just a few clicks.

Blank Census and Questionnaire Forms

With the help of blank census and questionnaire forms, you can safeguard you have the right information about your family. You can send to the close family members to fill in the gaps which they know about the ancestors and can print out. Print or email them out so close family and long-distance relatives can fill in gaps with everything they know about your ancestors, their birth and death dates, research leads, and family narrations.

All the notable features listed above come in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy Software.

Using the Deluxe edition gives you more value than what you spend on it. You can access all the Deluxe features at an extremely competitive price. You can also save on few bucks going for the online version (digital download) of the software. And the Standard Edition of Legacy Software is free to use for as long as you would like.

You get access to the Family Tree Webinar library for a year when you sign up for the Deluxe edition software, which also includes earlier webinars, instructor handouts, and online seminar chat logs, and may get bonus subscriber benefit.


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