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Legacy 9.0 Family Tree

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Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Deluxe Edition 

Legacy 9.0 Deluxe edition is a part of Legacy Family Tree software that is user-friendly to save your family history. It can have millions of records which include names, alternate names, dates, places, events, notes, sources, pictures, and audio files.

The information of your ancestors which you store on it intuitively brings up the big picture of your family. You can navigate through the “Family View” and “Pedigree View” easily.

You can edit and add information with no difficulty. Because ancestor’s records like to add new individuals and their marriages get add up in either of the views.

Also supplies a wide layout of reports of all kinds. As well as adds calendars, timelines, logs of research and questionnaires. All the information is in printable format.

Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition is the best genealogy program found in the market nowadays. This is because it is a cost-effective solution for all those who are searching for an excellent records management as well as reporting program.

This new Deluxe Edition has a variety of useful features that can help to make your work even faster and smoother now.

The Best Feature of the Legacy Software

The best feature of the Legacy software is it calculates the relationship of everyone in your Family File to a certain person. Likewise, it can also sum up the age of an ancestor at an important event of his/her life.

It gives an opportunity to add a huge amount of information, while a parent may have up to sixty children, one person can have multiple sets of parents, unlimited alternate names, events, sources, and pictures.

The best features need an upgrade to the Deluxe version, and it is worth the investment, especially if you are a serious researcher. The given below are few key features that you can look at, in brief:

Key Features of Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Software 

X-DNA Inheritance Charts 

Legacy 9.0 software allows you to make notes of known DNA matches hiding in your family tree, also you can add a color drape to your charts which helps you to see how one person links to one another. You can use popular DNA websites like MyHeritage or AncestryDNA to discover thousands of potential relatives.

Hinting at Family Pictures and Stories

Legacy 9.0  also combs through billions of records on the top genealogy sites like FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Findmypast, and Genealogy Bank. You would have more This means more developments in your tree.

As you add information about your ancestors to your tree, it instinctively starts searching these website databases for you and will make added research suggestions in the form of hints.

Compare Two People in Legacy 9.0 Family Tree 

Do you have multiple generations with the same name? Legacy Software has a unique feature to allow you to compare the two records side-by-side, emphasizing the resemblances and disparities to filter the correct information in the right places.

Online Cloud Backup

Losing any information which you have accumulated over the years is inconceivable. Nothing is harsher than losing a research project you have worked on for a long.

With the online cloud backup feature, you can keep your arduous work safely backed up in Legacy’s cloud storage. If your computer system breaks down or you upgrade to a new computer, you can restore your family tree with just a few clicks.

Blank Census and Questionnaire Forms

With the help of blank census and questionnaire forms, you can safeguard you have the right information about your family. You can send to the close family members to fill in the gaps which they know about the ancestors and can print out.

Print or email them out so close family and long-distance relatives can fill in gaps with everything they know about your ancestors, their birth and death dates, research leads, and family narrations.

All the notable features listed above come in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy Software.

Using the Deluxe edition gives you more value than what you spend on it. You can access all the Deluxe features at an extremely competitive price.

You can also save on few bucks going for the online version (digital download) of the software. And the Standard Edition of Legacy Software is free to use for as long as you would like.

You get access to the Family Tree Webinar library for a year when you sign up for the Deluxe edition software, which also includes earlier webinars, instructor handouts, and online seminar chat logs, and may get bonus subscriber benefit.

Are you looking forward to unlocking the real power of Legacy Family Tree 9?

Well, now it’s here Legacy 9.0 adds about 9 new Deluxe Edition features that bring the total to 108 advanced features that are not found in the ‘, Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition’. And therefore this makes the Deluxe Edition a real powerhouse.

Features that are only In Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition:


Now the latest edition of Legacy 9 has shifted through billions of records from its websites example; FindMyPast, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage for any new pictures, information and also as stories of ancestors. After which whenever you add to your tree, Legacy will then start your search automatically.

NOTE: You should note that only for a limited time, the ‘Hinting’ feature will also be available in the Free Standard Edition.

Reports and Charts

You can see trends n your ancestor’s medical history that has a new ‘Cause of Deaths’ chart. You can expand your genetic genealogy tools with the new ‘X-DNA’ color scheme.

If you want you can get everyone involved at your next reunion using the ‘Family Tree BINGO’ so that you can play cards of your ancestors, descendants or even a mixture. Now you can even see your tree at a quick glimpse in the Family Dictionary.

FindAGrave.com Searching 

You have one-click access to your ancestor’s ‘Find a Grave’ memorial. You get to create a list of people who are in your tree with or without ‘Find a Grave ID’.


Here you can preserve the stories of your ancestors or stories of your own. These tools let you record organize as well as print multiple stories for any of your ancestors.


You can create unlimited hashtags to describe your ancestors. And then you can search for or just print out a report of everyone who shares that hashtag. And now you are not limited to just 9 tags. You can even call them anything you like such as #civilwar #DNAtested #farmer #ProvenAncestor #Brownhair.

Compare 2 People 

If you are researching two same-named individuals or you are having difficulty differentiating two ‘John Smiths’ in the same place then this new tool ‘Chronology Comparison’ puts them side-by-side, color codes their similarities and difference, and it also helps you determine if they could be the same person or not.

Color Coding 

The color coding system has also been expanded. You can enjoy the ancestor color coding in the ‘Index View and Name list’ as well. You can make it as simple as you want to know which part of your tree you are looking at.

Media Sorting 

You now have the media auto-sorted by date.

View all 9 tags 

This new edition allows you to view all the 9 tags in the ‘Name List’

Great ‘Deluxe’ features continued from the earlier versions

The Potential Problems List 

This helps to list all the problems that are found presented in a grid list that is retained from every session to session (till it is rebuilt again by the user).

Now from this list, you can edit the affected individuals as well as correct the problem or exclude it from future checking.

Wall Charts 

Here you can get to experience the enjoyment of showing off your family tree just by producing stunning full-color wall charts, descendants, ancestors, and, fans, hourglass, bow ties, and also DNA charts. You can also use them for your next family reunion or for a deserving wall in your home.

Source Writer 

This feature lets you cite your sources easily and correctly, and it makes it simple for you to select the correct input screen so that you can enter all the pieces that are needed to correctly cite any source of information in the thousands of formats that exist.

Then the information that you enter is also precisely and correctly formatted so that it also matches the genealogy industry standards whenever you choose to print footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies.

There are also multiple citations for an event that can be combined into a paragraph, to avoid a long string of superscripted numbers within the report.

Interview Reports 

This lets you choose from over 1200 pre-written interview questions carefully and then the memory triggers are also there that can help you capture the memories of your family before too late.

Guided Setup Wizard

 Getting started with Legacy is now even easier than before. Here you are guided through the setup process in an easy-to-understand manner.

New Relationship Calculator 

You can see how any two people are connected, not only through direct blood relationships but also by marriage. You can even specify how many non-blood relationships you would like to see.

More Powerful Searching 

Having this feature allows you to search for individuals that are missing parts of their names, birth or death information, marriage information etc. You can as well search for the missing source citations as you document your family files.

Now Attach Any Document to Individuals and Marriages 

Now you can also attach any other kinds of documents such as PDFs, Word files etc.

Enhanced Backups 

All your family files as well as the multimedia file can now be backed up at the same time which makes it easier to transfer everything to another computer.

Edit Records from the “Used by” Lists 

The master lists in Legacy all have the option to view an individual who uses the items in the list. So now you get to edit those individuals right from the list instead of exiting the list and editing them separately.

Standardization Tips 

If something entered in the ‘Individuals Information’ screen is questionable then a new alert will appear as this helps to keep the data standardized.


This enhanced privacy ensures that only the information that you would like to share is visible to others.

Best Fit Child Columns 

This option expands or contacts the child list columns to fit the number of children for the current couple. You do not need to try guessing the optimum number of child columns as Legacy will do it for you now.

Research Guidance 

This feature helps to locate records that might contain information about your ancestors in 4 ways –

Here you get to easily review the ancestor’s timeline to make sure that you have already recorded everything that you know about that ancestor.

You are suggested preliminary survey sources that help you learn if the research is already in progress by other researchers.

When you select your goals, Legacy will provide you with a list of prioritized suggestions that will help you accomplish them. The sources are organized into a to-do list for you.

Publishing Center

You can select one or more reports and then combine them into a large book report. The information from all the various reports is indexed and sourced together and a master ‘Table of Contents’ is also generated.

If you want you can add a ‘Title page, Preface page, Dedication page, Copyright Notice page, Abbreviations page and Introduction Section to the beginning of the book.

Forms Center 

Here you will have new forms added on a continuing basis and then these new forms may be available online in various packets for those who want to download them.

Legacy Home 

You can find this on the main screen of Legacy this page has important information about your family files. Additionally, it also gives you a global view into the world of genealogy.

This also includes Legacy News, To-Do item reminders, birthdates and anniversary reminders, general reminders, statistics about your family file and more. The built-in browser allows you to view Internet content without you leaving Legacy.


You can select timeline files that contain events from certain localities, and then add them to the Chronology report as the background information in this way you can show what was happening during a person’s life. You can easily create and edit timeline files yourself.

Global US County Verification 

With this feature, you can check your entire family files to verify that the US counties that you have used were in existence for the time periods that you are using them.


You can now record DNA marker test results from several different companies.

Location Prepositions 

There is a field or the location preposition right in the ‘Add/Edit Location’ screen. Hence this defaults to ‘IN’ however it can be changed to other prepositions line near, around, outside, etc. and then these prepositions are used when you build report sentences.


You also get to connect source citations to the following;

Individuals never married (on the individual screen)

This couple did not marry

This couple did not have children

Book Reports 

You now print the ‘Location Index’ with a different number of columns than the Name Index.

Book Reports 

You will have complete control of spacing between all the sections of the reports. and you will also see a ‘Custom Report Spacing’ button right in the ‘Page Layout’ tab of the various books reports. You can even specify the blank line space above all the various reports sections.

Note Fields 

A ‘Strip HTML’ button allows you to move any embedded HTML codes that are ended in the notes because of a Copy/Paste from a web page.

Note Fields 

There are new ‘Font styles’ buttons that allow you to bold, underline, italicize and superscript parts of the notes. And now the changes show in the ‘Notes’ instead of just showing printer codes as they use to in the past.

Potential Problems 

You can check for the sort order of children, and check for children born < 9 months.

Soundex Code lookup from the Soundex Calculator 

When a ‘Soundex’ code is created then you can click on the ‘Search Name List’ button to create a list of all the surnames that are in your family file with the same ‘Soundex’ code.

RTF Embedded Pictures 

You will that there is an option when reports are generated to an RTF file, that lets you embed the picture links in the file.

And then the picture is automatically displayed in the report when the file is loaded into MS Word or other word processors. However, the ‘Standard Edition’ only shows the picture paths in the document.

Location Report 

This lets you include the birth and death date information for each person on the report. You can also get the age of the person shown for each event when the locations were used.


You get the output to a screen/printer or a text file.


You just need to right-click on any boxing title to reset the default values for the options that are within that box. You can do this on various tabs of the ‘Options > Customize’ screen.

Conditional Event Sentences 

This new command can be used in event sentences so that you can control the output better.


You have the support now for multi-page TIF files (a TIF file that contains more than just one picture).

Other Essential Features

Below are the some essential features of legacy family tree 9.0 deluxe edition.

Geo Location Database 

There is a collection of almost three million current locations worldwide divided into 6 regions, have a look below;

PA – Pacific Islands
US – United States
AF – Africa
AM – Americas (non-USA)
AS – Asia
EU – Europe

Now, each of these locations includes the names of the city, the county or province, the state, if any as well as the country name.

Additionally, the latitude and longitude coordinates are even included. A search can be made by any field such as a ‘Radius’ search is included to find cities within a specific radius of a location.

Descendant View Tab 

This view shows you a descendant chart of the current person. Now any person can be edited by highlighting them and just clicking on the ‘Edit’ button.

If your screen is not wide enough to show the entire line of information for a person then highlighting a person will display all their info at the bottom along with the relationship of that particular person to the person at the top of the list. So if you double-click on a person it will put them at the top of the list and then the chart is generated.

US County Verifier 

Whenever you exit a location field Legacy will check the validity of county names for locations in the US (now only if the Verify US Counties in Place Names option has been turned on in the Customize section) but an error is reported if the following things are found;

If no county by that name was ever found in that state (maybe due to some incorrect spellings). Or the county was not in existence in the state at the date specified. Or maybe the county has been dissolved in the state before the date was specified.

Now if an error has been reported, then you can choose to view a list of all the counties in that state to see when they were founded as well as their term of existence.

Child-Parent Relationships 

You can specify and source the link between a child and his/her father and mother. The earlier ‘Child Status’ field use to cover both the child status and the relationship between the child and parents only refers to the status now such as Twin, Triplet Stillborn, etc.

Now the new ‘Parent Relationship’ field is used to record how the child is associated with each parent such as Biological, Adopted, Guardian, Sealed, etc, there is also a place to where you can record ‘Challenged and Disproved’ relationships. You will see these new fields displayed on the ‘Children List’ window and also on the ‘Parent List’ window.

Multiple Line of Descent Report 

This is similar to the ‘Registered-style descendant narrative book also but here you have the option to select two or more ends of lines that you can include in the report.

When the report is generated, the first line will be printed as a normal Descendant report. Then the next line will be started on the next page, and if it intersects with the first line, then a message will be printed indicating where you should look in the first line to be able to see the remainder of the descendant line.

International language Reports

Reports in Different Languages – Several, reports now in Legacy can be generated in many different languages including Garman, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Dutch. Additional languages are also being added.

New Reports

Calendar Creator 

Now you get to create your own calendars, complete with pictures, birthdays and anniversaries. And then you can even include a cover picture, as well as picture pages just above each calendar month, and you also have complete control over color, shadows, layout, etc.

File ID Numbers Report 

There is a new report here that lists all the filling numbers used in family files and then it shows where they have been used. You can also filter the report to specific areas if you want.

Name List Reports with Multiple Lines per Record 

This feature lets you design your list reports with up to three rows of fields per record.

Master List Options

Location Cleanup 

You can now easily combine, sort, and clean up your locations from this section.

Master Location Maintenance 

This feature lets you ‘Expand and Contract’ state names, Canadian provinces, several country breakdowns as well as country names in the ‘Master Location List’. You can do this for all the locations, tagged or untagged locations, or verified or unverified.

Save Your Place in Master Lists 

You have the new ‘Set Bookmark and Go to Bookmark’ option also added to all the master lists. Additionally, it lets you save your place from one session to another.

Privacy Options

Private Individuals 

You can make any individual in the ‘family file’ as ‘Private’. And all the reports have the option where you can include and exclude private persons.

Private Event Definitions 

Having this feature you get to make any Master Event Definition as private so that they can be excluded from the reports and web pages.


Event Definitions 

You can exclude event types such as ‘Obituaries and Probate’ customarily that happens after a person’s death from checking.

Note Fields 

Crtl-F has been added to all the note fields for searching and then F3 searches for the next occurrence.

Extremely Helpful New Features

File ID Numbers 

You can easily find the next available file reference number in whatever format you are using.

Family/Pedigree Views 

You got to ‘Hover Information’ while holding the cursor over the ‘Spouses’ icon it will show the names of all the spouses that are in the popup tooltips section. And the ‘Parents’ icon shows the names of the parents. Then the AKA icon shows all the alternate names for that particular person.

Entering Information 

This feature remembers the last 10 locations that you have used. You can just pop them up on any Location field and then copy them in with only a click.

Legacy 9.0 also now remembers the last ten dates entered 

This lets you pop them up on any Date field only by right-clicking on the label that is on the left of the field this work the same as the ‘Entering Information’ feature.

Family View 

The new feature colors the Husband and Wife labels and also the Childs’s numbers if they are marked as ‘Living’. This is o the ‘Data Format tab in the ‘Customize’ screen you can turn it on or off and select the color to use.


This Event Clipboard allows you to memorize and play back events saving you much time. You can also save sources, pictures and addresses that are connected to the event to a clipboard.

New Reporting Options 

Marriage Screen 

You get to specify your own words now for ‘Spouse and Marriage’ for each couple. And if the couple is not married then you can use words like ‘Partner and Partnership’. After which these words will be used on all the reports in the appropriate places.

Picture Family Tree Chart 

You can now print 1, 2, 3, and 4 generations and if you are printing one generation you can move the picture higher, lower or left and right.

Name List Report 

Here you get to build three separate custom lines per record. Hence it gives you more flexibility when you lay out the information that you want to include in the report. You can also print the report in a comma-delimited format.

Timeline Reports 

You can even color code the boxes if you want.

Descendant Charts 

d’Aboville is the new numbering option in this feature.

New View Options

Chronology View 

You have the option to also include the death events of Parents, Spouses and Children as well.

Index View and Name List 

You will find the direct line individuals bolded now.


This Post is all about Legacy 9.0 family tree deluxe edition features. Need any help you can visit our website Genealogist help or you can call us at our toll-free Number +1-800-566-7300.

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