Learn to Fix RootsMagic Freezes on MacOS

RootsMagic freezes on macOS

We know that there are numerous operating systems that have different issues and errors that can cause RootsMagic freezes on macOS.

Well, there are several reasons; freezing may happen while importing the tree from the Search Family or while working on big-size files, etc.

Additionally, if you do not do regular basic maintenance off your computer then this could cause a slow performance which apparently is a sign of ‘freezing’.

But you need don’t worry as in this blog you will find the most suitable solutions to get the issues fixed within no time.

Useful Tools and Tips to solve RootsMagic Freezes on MacOS

In the following list you will find some helpful tips that you should try to unfreeze your RootsMagic on your Mac computer;

  • First of all, you need to keep in mind that you must not shut down your Mac when the RootsMagic software freezes.
  • However, it is safe if you choose to close RootsMagic from the ‘Force Quit App’ you should find when you click on the ‘Apple icon’ that is on the left side.
  • Now you will have your RootsMagic program closing safely.
  • Next, you must reopen RootsMagic once again.
  • Then you got to click on the small red dot that is seen on the top left side o the RootsMagic screen.
  • Now when you use the red dot then it will close down your file with the program.
  • After you are done opening RootsMagic again then your file will open along with the program automatically.

Solve RootsMagic ‘Freezing issues’ using the Mac First Aid Tool

  • You need to start by clicking on your ‘Finder icon’ in the ‘Dock’.
  • Next, you would have to select the ‘Application’ tab.
  • Then go to scroll down and look for the blue ‘Utilities older’ after which you should click on it to open it.
  • You will now have to click on the ‘Disk Utility’ option.
  • Then on the top of the screen, you should see a small ‘First Aid Icon’ you just need to click on it.
  • After that, you got to click on the blue ‘Run’ button.
  • Now when you run the ‘First Aid Tool’ then you must close out the screen that you are in.
  • And then you will need to completely uninstall and reinstall RootsMagic again.
  • At last, you just need to open RootsMagic that’s it.

Final Verdict

Well, the above solutions are absolute and should help you get over the freezing issues face in your RootsMagic.

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