Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage

Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage is a genealogy software made by MyHeritage. MyHeritage is an online genealogy company. They develop software products and services for web, mobile and PCs. Israeli genealogist Gilad Japhet found it in 2003. We have mentioned detailed information about Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage Availability . Family Tree Builder is a software available to download for free from Family Tree builder lets users to make their family trees easily.

Premium plan has more feature than the free version. So if you want to use the free version, you can but for additional feature you will need to pay. Pros and Cons Family Tree Builder is a software that allows its users to trace, find, and record their family ancestry in the form of a family tree. Users can add photos, sources, historical records, etc. to their trees.


The unique thing about this software is that it supports over 40 languages, but Its Smart match features give you a hint of who can be your family member and finds new relatives on yours based on your family data automatically. It does so beautifully with so many types of customizable charts and reports. The Private Family Site lets you create your own private family site where you can share your family tree and history with your close ones securely.

There’s an extra privacy setting available to make sure your data is safe both offline and online. It lets you plot your ancestor’s migration history on a map to make an elaborate tree which you can sync on various devices. It’s fun to use and you can begin creating a new tree in a few clicks or import your GEDCOM file and take up building it further! Compatibility Family Tree Builder 8.0 is the latest version of the software.

It can run on Apple’s Mac OS X (up to 10.15 Mojave), however some features are not compatible and available for Mac, like the screen saver, slideshow, maps and book report features. It is compatible with most Windows Operating System.

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