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Ancestry Support

Ancestry.com A Genealogy Database

Ancestry.com, a genealogy database is the biggest private, for-profit genealogy database company. Ancestry support is available online and users can access it by buying their different memberships. It allows users to make a digital family tree and trace their heritage, lineage, ethnicity, DNA, etc. Users get “hints” about others who may be part of their family based on the database. Some features of Ancestry.com require a paid membership, but some features are available for free.


Basic Information of ANCESTRY.COM – A Genealogy Database website. Ancestry.com a Genealogy Database was founded in 1996 by Paul Brent Allen and Dan Taggart 24 years ago. With its headquarters at Lehi, Utah. The company provides access to almost 24 billion historical records of history, genealogy, health data, and as of November 2018, claimed to have 3 million paying subscribers, having sold 18 million DNA kits to its customers. Does Ancestry provide a free account? A user can register for free.

The free account has access to Ancestry.com’s free databases. Users can make, edit, delete and share family trees. They create, see educational videos made by Ancestry Academy. Users can communicate with other members on Ancestry Message Boards. So if users need help, they can help each other online. Paid vs Free version of Ancestry.com – A Genealogy Database website! Without a paid membership, the user has only limited access to several free records. So getting a paid membership is better.

A paid subscription gives access to many more records. Census, birth, marriage, death, to immigration records from over 80 countries depending on which membership you purchase. It lets you see over 100 million public family trees made by other members. A unique Hints feature in the form of leaves will appear on some people while making the family tree.

These records might mention the people you are related to. This will help you discover more relations. AncestryDNA gives you crystal clear details about your history. by tracing your genes to their original places and giving you insights into your ethnicity. Ancestry health gives you knowledge of your family’s health history of the past and present.

Ancestry health gives you knowledge of your family’s health history

It may help the user to improve future family health. Most users use these records to create their family trees more elaborate than what knowledge they already have. Ancestry helps users learn more about their family history. So you can create your family tree.

Note: You can use Family Tree Maker 2019 to create your family tree.

Can I get ancestry support?

If you are a paid member then yes, you will get support from Ancestry.com – A Genealogy Database website. If you are using a free account, then you may not. You can call the support number to get support.

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