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Legacy Family Tree – Historical National Archive In Cape Verde

Legacy Family Tree support work with researchers from all across the globe to access records for our clients. We asked one of our onsite researchers located in Cape Verde to share an overview of the record collection. Available at the Historical National Archive in Cape Verde.

Historically speaking, Cape Verde’s archipelago was a meeting point for citizens from Europe, America mostly due to the slave trade.  As a result, the documents contained in the archives of Cape Verde can reveal a lot of vital information.


Cape Verde’s historical legacy is preserved in the Historical Nation Archive which has its headquarters in the old colonial customs building in Gambol, on Santiago Island.

However, in the 1960s Cape Verde was under the administration of the Ministry of Overseas of Portugal.  Because of this, they were compelled to send a great amount of documentation to Portugal. As a result, most of the key documents are kept in foreign collections, particularly in Portuguese.

Record Collections at the Historical National Archive In Cape Verde

The main collections at HNA include the following:

Church Registers Collection- Church collection is the most important for genealogical research. It holds Catholic Church registers of christening, marriage, and death from all islands.

Registry of Notaries Collection-  It includes protocols and wills which can contain useful genealogical information.

Central Administration Collection- It houses documents that belonged to the General Government’s Office (books of register and manuscripts from 1674 to 1928, and papers from 1803 to 1926). In addition, this collection houses documents of the civil administration, taxes and customs provincial departments, and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet documentation from 1974 to 1990.

Ministerial Collection –¬† Ministerial includes documents that belonged to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from 1975), the Ministry of Economic Coordination, Justice, Culture, Infrastructure, and Transports (from several years), including provincial departments.

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Taxes and Custom Collection –¬† Taxes and Customs collection includes papers from the former taxes and customs authorities, such as the islands of S√£o¬†Nicolau, Fogo, Brava, Maio, and¬†Boavista.

Judiciary collection –¬† Judiciary¬†collection holds documents of the Cape-Verdean Court of Justice: all the civil and criminal proceedings between citizens and public institutions

Local Authorities Collection – It includes the documentation¬†of the¬†Administrative Office and the Council of Praia (from 1848 to 1975), and the papers of the City Council of Riberia Grande, Pa√ļl, Porto Novo, S√£o Nicolau, Sal, Boavista, Maio, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Tarrafal, Praia (from 1812 to 1977), Fogo and Brava

African Collection –¬†It includes documentation of neighboring countries which share strong bonds with Cape Verde. Through the papers of the Guardianship of Services and Colonists (from 1900 to 1975).

Last but not least, the documentary legacy of the HNA of Cape Verde includes. An important Bilbao graphical collection of legislative documents from the former.

Portuguese colonies, such as Angola (from 1870 to 1974), Guinea Bissau (from 1905 to 1974). India (from 1935 to 1961), Macau (from 1926 to 1974), and Timor (from 1920 to 1972).


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