The Best DNA Testing Kit for 2022

AncestryDNA kit is a DNA kit from Ancestry which helps to know more about your ancestry. When you buy AncestryDNA, you can use it easily in the comfort of your home.
With the help of the AncestryDNA kit, you do a simple saliva test. After ordering it, you can receive it in a few days in the mail.

What is include in the AncestryDNA kit?

It comes with the instructions, a collection tube to collect your saliva, and a prepaid return mailer. You can follow the instructions received and send the DNA sample back to the lab through the prepaid return mailer. Once your sample is received in the lab, your sample is processed at the lab.
After a few days, you will receive an email informing you about the results. You can explore your DNA report on the AncestryDNA website.

Benefits of AncestryDNA kit Results

AncestryDNA results tell you about the geographic origins across 1,500+ regions and find out the possible relatives through DNA matching. This can be possible only when the others also have done the DNA testing through Ancestry.
With the AncestryDNA kit results, you can give a great start to your family history research, and you can also dig deep into the existing research.

Are DNA tests secure?

Yes, they are! Ancestry keeps your privacy on the highest priority. They choose the best industry-standard security practices to store the DNA sample, DNA test results, and also other personal data you provide to them.
To make it more secure, the DNA test results and DNA sample are kept without your name or other common identifying information. Your DNA data is own by you only, no one else.
As mentioned in the Ancestry Privacy Statement, you can choose to download your DNA Data, also have them delete your DNA test results, or have them destroy your physical DNA saliva sample.
They do not share your DNA sample, your DNA results, or any other personal data with third parties, except as legally required or with your clear consent.

How to track AncestryDNA kit?

Once you buy the Ancestry DNA kit, you get an email that contains the tracking information. You can also download the tracking information from your DNA homepage.

There are two ways your DNA kits are shipped.
1. Standard shipping – It is sent through UPS and dropped off to your local post office, which delivers the kits.
2. Those DNA Kits which are shipped with faster shipping are sent and delivered by UPS.

How to track the AncestryDNA kit from your account?

First sign in to your account. To sign in, you must click on the top-right corner and then click on sign in.
Go to your DNA homepage, and then click on the UPS tracking number. The link will direct you to the UPS tracking page, where you can track the DNA kit. If the link does not direct you to UPS, you can copy the tracking number and open the UPS tracking website, and paste it into the tracking field on the left side of a UPS tracking page.

Tracking your kit from the tracking email

Once you purchase the DNA kit, within two days you will receive an email to confirm about your kit has shipped. You will get a link in the email too. You can click on the given link to check the status of your order.

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How to troubleshoot errors while checking the results of Ancestry DNA

“You do not have permission to access this page.”

Once you receive an email saying that your results are available for your Ancestry DNA kit, and while you click on the link provided in the email and then you get an error “You have Not Authorized to Access This Page”, try to sign out of the Ancestry account and sign back in. Once you are signed in to your Ancestry account again, click on the DNA tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page. You will find your DNA test results.

Advertisement on DNA homepage

When you see an advertisement on your Ancestry DNA homepage instead of your results, you must make be sure of two things.
1. You are sign in to your account
2. You have activated your kit

How to replace Ancestry DNA Kit for free?

You can request a free replacement AncestryDNA kit
There are five circumstances in which you can request for Ancestry DNA kit for free:
1. Once you order the Ancestry DNA kit and it does not come to you within fifteen business days of the date of order or within five business days for expedited shipping.
2. You receive a damaged Ancestry DNA kit.
3. If you send your DNA sample and the Ancestry does not receive it within twenty business days. To know if the Ancestry has receive your DNA sample can be confirm by the email, they sent you. If you have not received an email from them within twenty days, this means they have not received your DNA sample.
4. Sometimes, the DNA sample sent by you is not used to perform a DNA test. In such a case, Ancestry sends you an email notifying you about the same.
5. You lose the Activation code before you Activate the Ancestry DNA kit.
If under the above five circumstances, you need your DNA kit to be replaced, you can call Ancestry to request the free replacement of your DNA kit.

Once you request the Ancestry free replacement kit, it comes to you within ten business days of the date of order in standard shipping and within 3 days in case of expedited shipping.

Once you receive the replacement kit, you are no longer able to use the original DNA kit it replaces.

How to replace an activated Ancestry DNA kit?

You will be sent an email notifying you about the sample could not be processed, and in the same email, you will find the instructions to request the replacement kit.
Follow those instructions and request for free Ancestry DNA replacement kit. You will also get the option in your email to Confirm your free kit.
Once you send the sample to Ancestry for DNA test and the lab does not find your sample fit to process it, Ancestry sends you a free replacement kit.
Once you receive the replacement kit, you can activate the new kit. You can also sign in to your Ancestry account, and go to your DNA homepage, and then click on Request a Free Replacement Kit
Before you request the Ancestry DNA replacement kit, make sure your shipping address is correct, and then click on Send DNA Kit to This Address.
Once you click on the Send DNA Kit to This Address, an email will be sent to you automatically to confirm that you have order a replacement DNA kit.
The Ancestry DNA replacement kit arrives within ten business days (standard shipping) or 3 days (expedited shipping ). It takes about eight weeks from receiving the sample to get the results of the DNA test.

How to replace a not activated AncestryDNA kit?

There are three circumstances where you can replace the Ancestry DNA kit which is not activate.
1. The Ancestry DNA kit has not been receive by you in your mail.
2. You have received the damaged kit in your mail.
3. The Activation code is lost

You can call Ancestry for a free replacement kit. Once you request it, the replacement kit will arrive within ten business days in case of standard shipping and within 3 days in case of expedited shipping.

The results of your DNA test will be available within eight weeks of receiving the DNA sample.
How to collect a successful saliva sample for Ancestry DNA kit.
1. Refrain from eating, drinking, chewing, smoking at least thirty minutes before you provide your sample.
2. DNA test sample is done through your saliva. So, make sure you produce more saliva. To produce more saliva, you must rub the outsides of your cheeks by pressing them against your teeth.
3. You can also place a pinch of sugar on your tour tongue to produce more saliva if rubbing the cheeks does not help.
4. If you fail to produce enough saliva in one go, you can refrigerate your saliva tube in an upright position between several attempts.
5. No need to remove the dentures if you use them.
6. Some people produce a lot of saliva, they should not overfill the sample.
7. There must not be bubbles, but the liquid fills the tube to the line. If there are bubbles, they should begin at the line and extend above it.

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