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Family Tree Privacy

In this blog, we will discuss how do I make a Family Tree Privacy on ancestry. Also how to make a person public on Ancestry? So please read this blog carefully and if you are still facing any issues with the same you can contact us.

How To Make My Family Tree Privacy On Ancestry?

Ancestry keeps some information private even if the tree is not private. For example, all people who are living as per the records are not visible to anyone else in the public domain. This means even if your Ancestry tree privacy is public, living people would be private in it. They would not be visible to other people on the Ancestry platform.

The living people on the Ancestry tree are only visible to the tree owner and to anyone the tree owner invites to the tree and authorizes to see living people.

Anyone who is under hundred years of age is living until you provide the death information about them.

How To Make A Person Private On A Public Tree On Ancestry?

If your tree is public on Ancestry and you only want to mark certain individuals’ information private, you must mark them as living. So, in this way, you would not be making the entire tree private but one or a few individuals only.

The information you upload to the Ancestry public tree and then delete or change that information still exists on the Ancestry on the family tree of other people who have saved them on their trees.

How To Make Your Trees Public On Ancestry?

If your Ancestry tree is public, all the information you upload is viewable and searchable to others except for details about living people. As mentioned earlier, living people are those who are under hundred years of age, or their death information is not updated.

Whatever information you upload to Ancestry public tree-like facts, photos, and sources may be viewed and added to other family trees on Ancestry. The information of only a living person’s gender can be viewed publicly and the rest of the other information about living people is hidden.

How To Make Your Family Tree Privacy Private On Ancestry?

Once you make your tree on Ancestry private, no person can view your information until you allow them to view your tree. For them to view your tree, you can invite them to your tree to view it.

Certain information (of departed individuals in your tree) such as names, birth year, and birthplace. Will still appear in Ancestry search results unless you stop them from appearing.

However, your actual tree cannot show to others until you invite them to view your tree. They can also contact you to request you to view your tree on Ancestry.

When you search for a person and try to view information about someone in a private tree, a message pops up saying that the tree you are trying to access is private. In this case, you can contact the owner of the tree and they can decide whether to allow you to access their tree or not.

How Can You Stop Your Private Tree To Show In Public Searches?

You can easily change settings if you do not want any information in your private tree. You can also make Family Tree Privacy on ancestry so that your tree isn’t found in searches.

Change your privacy settings

  • First, click on the name of the tree you want to prevent it from public visibility.
  • Then click on the Tree Settings.
  • Once you click on the Tree Settings page, then click on the Privacy Settings tab.
  • Now select Public Tree or Private Tree.

Find the option to prevent your tree from public searches in the Private Tree Section. You can make your tree private and no one other than you can see your tree information on Ancestry. You can go to the bottom of the page, and then click Save Change.


This is all about family tree privacy. In this full article we discuss how to make a person private on a public tree on Ancestry? and also how to make your tree public on Ancestry? If you still face any issue regarding the same you can call us at our Number +1-800-566-7300.

FAQ On Family Tree Privacy

#Q1: Can others see my family tree on ancestry?

Ans: Other users can’t view your family tree on ancestry until you did not give permission to them. Although they can view limited information in your family tree. With limited information, they can check your name, birth year, birthplace, and some documents that you upload.

#Q2: Why are some people private on ancestry trees?

Ans: Ancestry do is determined that their customer’s information is still safe who are living. That’s why when someone checks your family tree on ancestry then the living people of your tree appear as private and their information is hidden.

#Q3: Can I make the family search tree private?

Ans: Yes, you can make a family search tree private because now the family tree supports a new feature. This new feature is called private spaces.

#Q4: Should I make my tree public on ancestry?

Ans: If you want to tell the people about your family history then this is a good opportunity. You can make your family tree as public on ancestry.

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