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Family Book Creator 2019 User Guide 

Do you want to know about Family Book Creator 2019 and what are the new features added to it. If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog you will learn step by step how to install and uninstall Family Book Creator.

Family Tree Book Creator is the latest version of the software developed for Family Tree Maker. It is a plugin that enables users to store information about family members in one place.

When it comes to Family Book Creator 2019, we tell you that Family Book Creator is a plugin for Family Tree Maker 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019 on your windows and MacOS system.

To use Family Book Creator for Mac OS and Windows, you must have Family Tree Maker 2019 installed on your computer.

The Windows version of Family Book Creator for Windows runs on Windows 7 or later, while the macOS version of Family Book Creator runs on macOS 10, 12 or later.

Family Tree Book Maker is the latest features of family tree maker software which runs only on FTM 2017 and FTM 2019.

This is a plugin by which users can create a book with information and pictures of their families and users can also do it with Charting Companion plugin.

NOTE: You should also know that a macOS edition has recently been released hence if you want to try out the Mac version follow the link to try the Mac Version.

Minimum System Requirements for Family Book Creator?

Please check the minimum system requirements for using family tree book maker.


  • System: Windows 7 and later, including Windows 11
  • Free hard disk space: 600 MB (80 MB for Family Tree Maker versions 2012 through 2014.1)
  • CD drive: For installation only
  • Family Tree Maker: FTM 2012, FTM 2014, FTM 2014.1, FTM 2017 or FTM 2019 installed.


  • System: macOS Sierra (10.12) and later, including macOS Ventura (13)
  • Free hard disk space: 300 MB
  • CD drive: For installation only
  • Family Tree Maker: FTM 2019

Incredible New Features in Family Book Creator 2019

Below are the some new features in family tree maker book.

A New Look and Feel 

Here the user interface is updated, therefore this means that the user interface now looks even more modern and the icons are also used on most of the tab controls in order to make it easy to remember where a setting can be found.

NOTE: However, this does not mean that all ‘Controls’ have shuffled. So, the users of the previous versions can find the settings that they used to find the same as before.

Improved Internal Text Editor

The built-in text editor feature that is available so that you can change the text elements used or the Title Page, Dedication, Colophon, foreword, and instruction sections is now improved. Additionally, it is also possible to insert mages, and a zoomable layout view is also used for showing the content of the pages. And the most enhanced recognizable features are;

  • Open and save Microsoft Word files,
  • Full control of paragraph and font settings
  • You can insert images, text boxes and tables
  • A full-screen mode with a spell checker and much more

Include content from media files in word processor file formats 

When you start with Family Tree Book Creator you can also include word-processing media elements in your book documents.

This latest release allows you to include content from media files in word processor file formats such as Rich Text Format (RTF) Microsoft Word Document (DOC and DOCX), media elements in FTM Smart Story Format HTML format and PDF are all supported.

Color Coding Legend and Color Coding without Colors 

Family Book Creator 2019 compiles Color Coding Legend automatically based on the assigned colors in FTM. Therefore you can use a variety of symbols in multicolor or unicolor for printing in black and white mode; you can even replace the yellow color with gray.

Other Minor Changes

Some of the Incredible features are listed below.

New position for Endnotes 

This can be placed before the bibliography or right at the end of a document.

New image manipulation options 

If you want to cut images to passport format then you can choose between ‘passport format (TOP)’ and ‘Passport format (middle)’.

Date Formats 

Now apart from writing dates in English you can write it in various ways. It also allows you to specify the date output format for reports in the English language.

Relationship Notes 

On the ‘Items to include’ you have a new ‘Relationship Notes’ area and the ‘partner’ tab page that allows you to specify if and how the relationship notes should be included.

New ‘Header and Footer’ options 

This feature lets the page header and footer be customized.

Improved support for media items in PDF file format 

You will see that the output of the PDF page is improved. Then the Annotations in PDF files such as text boxes, highlighted text or images, etc. are retained and also properly rendered to the images.

NOTE: You should also know that the latest update for Family Book Creator 2017 is free maintenance. FBC It also has multiple improvements and fixes as well that help to make the product more compatible with FTM 2019 using Windows.

Family Book Creator Download

Firstly, you will receive a link via an email to the downloaded area this is only when you subscribe to the free newsletter and your subscription is confirmed.

Now when you receive the email containing the link to the download area then you should click on the link and select the version suitable for your edition of FTM and then just download the installation package as well as the manuals that you require.

How to Install Family Book Creator for Windows and Mac

Follow the mentioned steps as instructed to install Family Tree Maker mac.

  • You need to remember that, to begin with the installation you need to be logged in as administrator on your system.
  • This is because usually in a lot of versions of Windows, you must be logged in as administrator.
  • You just got to right-click on the executable file name and then select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

IMPORTANT: You must keep in mind that FTM must be closed before you start the installation of Family Book Creator.

  • You now need to select the Family Book Creator installation file (for example; FamilyBookCreator2017_23.14.343.565_en.exe) that you downloaded from the Family Book Creator website and then you must double-check it.

NOTE: Now this depends on your Windows security setup as you might be prompted to confirm that you want to continue. Such as in Windows 8 you may receive a message saying ‘Windows protected your PC from installing as an unknown application’, in case this happens you should click on the ‘More Info’ option and confirm that you wish to install the program by clicking on the ‘Run anyway’ option.

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TIP: in case your Internet Security application prevents you from installing Family Book Creator then you can take a look at this ‘Disabling Internet Security Auto-protect while installing Family Book Creator?’ or you can just go ahead and allow the installation to continue.

  • Next, when the unpacking process of the protected installation package is successful then you will see the ‘Welcome’ screen of the ‘Installation Wizard’ launched and then you can continue the installation by using the Installation Wizard.
  • This will then take you through the installation steps one by one. You just need to follow the Installation Wizard given instructions for each step.

NOTE: You also need to know that the installer will check that there is a proper FTM installation available on your system. This is so as you cannot install Family Book Creator without an FTM installation on your system.

IMPORTANT: You must install Family History Book Creator into its default destination and keep in mind not to select an FTM folder.

Once the installation is completed and Family Tree Maker 2019 Plugins is restarted then you can open Family Tree Maker Book as follows;

  • You need to open the ‘Tools’ menu and then select the menu entry ‘Plugins’.
  • After that from the drop-down menu, you got to select the ‘Export with Plugins’ option.
  • And now by clicking on the ‘Export with Plugins’ option, the Family Book Creator will be available to you.

NOTE: Remember that you would need to first open a family file in order to open the export menu.

How to Uninstall Family Book Creator 2017?

The following are the instructions to uninstall Family Book Creator 2017 on Windows versions 10 and 7.

For Windows 10

  • You will need to select the ‘Start’ button and then go to select ‘Settings > Apps > Apps and Features’.
  • Next, you should select the app (Family Book Creator 2017) that you would like to remove and then just select the ‘Uninstall’ button.

Windows 7

  • You should start by giving a click on the ‘Windows’ icon.
  • And then in the right pane, you will need to click on the ‘Control Panel’ option.
  • After that, right under ‘Programs’ you got to click on the item ‘Uninstall a program’.
  • Now you will see that Windows will list all the programs that were installed using Windows Installer.
  • Then, select the ‘Program’ (family book creator 2017) that you would like to uninstall by clicking on it.

Family Book Creation App

Family Book Creation App is a family history app designed to help you create a personalized family history book. Through this app, with its extensive features and user-friendly interface, you can easily store and organize your family information.

The app enables you to add multiple pages, giving you ample space to document your family stories, photos, and memories.

For precise layout control, you can set custom page margins or guidelines, ensuring that every element in your book is perfectly aligned.

You can upload or use any font you like and put any picture on your background. With the Family Creations app, you can easily organize images and use repeating headers and footers.

Once you have completed your book, the Family Creations app simplifies the printing process. With just one click, you can generate a PDF or JPEG format of your family book.


This is all about Family Tree Book Creator for FTM 2019 and FTM 2017. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-800-566-7300. You can also connect with us via genealogist live chat support. It is our free tech support service.

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