Sync Troubleshooting Guide For FTM 2019

syncing issues in FTM 2019

If you want to resolve syncing issues in FTM 2019, then you must go through this content. Here, you will find the simple steps for resolving syncing troubles in FTM 2019. So, move ahead and check out how you can easily resolve issues related to syncing troubles.

Resolve Syncing Issues In FTM 2019

Way 1: Check out the internet connection-related trouble

It may be possible that because of a poor internet connection, you are facing issues with the syncing. So, you need to, first of all, check the internet connection properly. Make sure to use a strong internet connection so that syncing issues can be easily resolved. Or, if you want, you can directly plug your device into the modem and then check out syncing issues.

Way 2: Try to restart the FTM on your device instantly

If you are facing issues while syncing your tree, then try to restart the FTM by closing it. Restarting can resolve many issues with FTM. After restarting it, you need to check out the syncing process.

Way 3: Resolve software-related troubles

To resolve software-related troubles, you need to, first of all, try to start your device in the clean boot. Or, you can just start it in safe mode. After doing so, you need to try to sync your Family tree. If still, you are unable to do it, then in such case, you have to see if the antivirus, firewall, and security software have been turned off or not. After doing so, you need to simply try to manually uninstall it and then have to install it again.

Way 4: Media syncing-related issues

If you find any media file, then in such case, you have to move ahead to the media workspace in FTM. After doing so, you need to look for each file, and then, finally, you have to try to remove the file from your device instantly.

Way 5: Try to restore the latest backup on your device

You must restore the latest backup on your device from time to time. It will help you in syncing your Family Tree without having any other troubles. Or, directly, you can re-download the tree, especially when you are syncing the FTM for the very first time.

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