Introducing Family Tree Builder 8.0: Everything You Must Know

This blog is specifically created for those users who are looking forward to learning more about Family Tree Builder 8.0. Here you will be explained all that you require to know about the latest software and the unique amazing features included, which will help you to make the right choice of downloading the software without having any second thoughts.

Well, to start with version 8.0 looks just similar to the previously released version 7.0 but the only difference here is that this is with a completely brand new engine under the hood. For the past two years, MyHeritage has worked towards building a new framework for the software that is designed to provide the best performance and experience for the users as well as to support enhancements in the future.

Features of Family Tree Builder 8.0

The software includes all of Family Tree Builder’s amazing features such as the consistency checker, charts, maps, book reports, and much more from the previous versions like Sync with MyHeritage, Smart Matches, and Record Matches. The MyHeritage version 8.0 is available for Windows and also a Mac Extension version will be provided for Mac users in the following month as heard of.

Get a Glimpse of MyHeritage Family Builder version 8.0

As of lately a beta program of version 8.0 was successfully completed using the large pool of test users. And the feedback received was simply satisfying along with the help from the beta testers MyHeritage was able to complete the final fine-tuning of the new version 8.0.

You would be glad to know that this new version is now even faster and more responsive as trees of up to hundreds of thousands of individuals can now be supported and the best part is that they can load very fast. Furthermore, the file format has also changed; version 8.0 is designed to load projects that are produced by earlier versions and can import GEDCOM and native genealogy files used by other programs like Family Tree Maker as well. However, you should note that the project files which are created in version 8.0 cannot be opened by version 7.0 or earlier. Moreover when you upgrade from other previous versions to version 8.0, then Family Tree Builder will maintain a copy of your projects in the former format only if in case.

Family Tree Builder 8.0.

In addition, you would be extremely happy to know that Family Tree Builder 8.0 was created to deliver only improved data integrity. This means that all the changes are now saved instantly and seamlessly upon making them without even having to click on the ‘Save’ button anymore. Hence the chances of data loss while working on your family tree are now very less.

MyHeritage Family Builder

My heritage family builder version 7.0 the entire database was loaded (all the project information) to memory whenever you open a project. However, with version 8.0 it is not the same as it uses a local database to memory only what is currently necessary and not the entire database. Hence this takes up less memory, which helps to make Family Tree Builder faster and more efficient. Moreover, it increases the program’s scalability and now the total size of the project that it can handle is way bigger.

That is not all, the team at Family Tree Builder will continue to enhance the software and evolve it in the future making it even more amazing by adding new features and making improvements that are based on the new infrastructure introduced in version 8.0. In addition, users who like the power and convenience of desktop software will be provided with ideal tools so that they can grow their family tree as well as advance their family history research. Although syncing also allows them to benefit from having data online which can easily be accessed using a mobile app?

Are wondering what’s next? Well in the next release more useful features such as undo/redo options, an even faster sync with online sites, Instant Discoveries and much more are being planned to be added.


By now you must have already gone through the above information therefore we hope that you have all your queries answered, moreover that you enjoy using the new version 8.0 Family Tree Builder. So if you are all set then without any hesitation you can choose to download it today. In case you face any problem you can contact the professional provided right here +1-800-566-7300 or you would even use the ‘Live Chat’ option  the team is available to assist at any time.

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