How to Connect Duplicate People on MyHeritage Ftm?

Duplicate People on MyHeritage ftm

Do you want to know how to connect duplicate people on MyHeritage Ftm? If so, then you have exactly what you are looking for, as in this blog you are provided with the most appropriate steps that will help you get the necessary done in no time.
To begin with, you should know that it is just not possible to merge duplicate person cards. Hence if you have entered one of the individuals in your tree in two places then you will need to delete one person’s card and keep the second person’s card using the ‘Connect/Disconnect’ feature.

Duplicate People on MyHeritage Ftm

The following are the instructions if you have entered a certain individual twice into the tree:

  • You would need to start by finding the person who appears twice in the tree. Now determine which of his/her cards has the least amount of information and then open the card.
  • Next, you must remove all the connections that are between this card and other family members in the tree as described.
  • And now you need to delete this card, by clicking on the ‘More’ option that is on the left side of the panel, then select the ‘Delete this person’ option.
  • You must then go to that person’s remaining card and connect it to all the people who were disconnected from the deleted card.

Note: You should also know that a person’s card may appear twice due to cyclic relationships within the tree. In such cases, an ‘x2’ symbol appears on the card, indicating that the data is ‘NOT’ duplicated.
Now that you have finished reading through the above steps you should be all ready to manage the same by yourself at any time.

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