How To Download My Family Tree from MyHeritage ?

download your family tree from MyHeritage

Do you want to know how to download your family tree from MyHeritage? Then this blog is created especially for you as here you will find just what you’re looking for. All you need to do is go through the instructions carefully to get the desired results.

Family Tree From MyHeritage

Follow the steps below to download/export a GEDCOM file of your family tree from your family on MyHeritage:

You can easily download/export a GEDCOM file of your family tree on your family site by visiting

  • You will need to first log in to your family site.
  • Now you just need to move your mouse cursor over ‘Family Tree’ and then click on the ‘Manage Trees’ tab.
  • After doing so, on the page that opens you will need to click on the ‘Export to GEDCOM’ option that is on the right side right next to the name of the tree that you want to export.
  • Finally, on the next page, you can choose whether you want to include photos in the GEDCOM file and then just click on the ‘Begin the export’ button.

NOTE: You should know that a GEDCOM file is a text file and it doesn’t include the actual photos however, it may contain the links to the photos’ original location on your computer or family site.
Furthermore, exporting GEDCOM files from your family site on MyHeritage includes the links for the photos. Moreover, MyHeritage can import any GEDCOM file along with links for the photos.
After you are done going through the steps you should now be able to download your family tree from MyHeritage as the steps provided are absolutely reliable.

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