How do I Delete a Family Tree on MyHeritage?

Delete a Family Tree on MyHeritage

Delete a Family Tree on MyHeritage

Do you want to learn how to delete a Family Tree on MyHeritage? If so then you need not worry as you have surely reached the perfect site and here you are provided with the topmost instructions that will help you get through without any hassle. You just need to read along as guided.

Method 1 – Delete your family tree from your family site

⦁ To begin with, you would need to first log into your family site.
⦁ Next, you should move your mouse cursor over the ‘Family Tree’ tab and then click on the ‘Manage Trees’ option.

⦁ And now on the ‘Manage Trees’ page, you will see the list of the trees on your family site, basic information about them as well as various management options.
⦁ After that, you just need to click on the ‘Delete’ button that is next to the name of the tree that you would like to delete.

WARNING: You should know that if you are the DNA manager of one or more DNA kits in your MyHeritage account then deleting a family tree will delete all DNA Matches that are generated for these DNA kits as well. Therefore if you would like to retrieve those DNA Matches you will need to reassign the DNA kit. If you need any further instruction then you would need to check up on how to re-assign a DNA kit to a family member.

Method 2 – Delete your family site on MyHeritage

IMPORTANT: You should keep in mind that when you delete an online site it will permanently delete all the content in it, this includes family trees and photos as well. However, it will not delete the data that is on your computer such as Family Tree Builder projects. Moreover, you are only allowed to delete a site when you are logged in as the ‘Site Manager’ of that particular site.
Now if you would like to delete your family site on MyHeritage then you should follow the steps given below:
⦁ You will need to start by making sure you visit the site that you want to delete. To do so you would click on your name that is in the top right corner of the screen then select the ‘My Sites’ tab.
⦁ Now you must find the site that you would like to delete and then just click on the title to enter the site.

⦁ After that, you should click on your name once again and select the ‘Site Settings’ tab.
⦁ And now in the ‘Site Settings’ section, you need to click on the ‘General’ option and then go to the ‘Administration’ tab. here you should see the ‘Delete your family site’ option.

Now that you have finished going through the above steps you should be able to delete a family tree on MyHeritage with ease. However, in case you come across any sort of glitches you can always get in touch with our team of experts call +1-800-566-7300 who are highly qualified to guide you with further suitable solutions .

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