Legacy “Tree Share” By FamilySearch

TreeShare on legacy family tree. In Addition, We will discuss TreeShare on Legacy family Tree certified for FamilySearch Family Tree. It means you can now share your Legacy tree with FamilySearch and pull information from FamilySearch into the Legacy family file. Legacy’s FamilySearch integration features are available in the Standard and Deluxe editions.

TreeShare On Legacy Family Tree By FamilySearch

Legacy Version Is Compatible With

  • Tree Share
  • Tree Access
  • Sources
  • Discussions
  • Change History
  • LDS Support (including Ordinance Status, Ordinance Reservation, Ordinance Request),
  • PAF Import, Print, Sync, and Update.

TreeShare On Legacy Family Tree Will Allow You To

  • Match your individuals in Legacy Tree with individuals in FamilySearch.
  • Merge duplicates that exist at FamilySearch.
  • Share Sources in between Legacy Tree & FamilySearch
  • Participate in discussion threads.
  • View a list of changes and contributors in TreeShare.
  • View the real-time ordinance status of individuals.
  • Reserve and print Family Ordinance Requests.
  • Assign your ordinance cards to others and track their progress.
  • Share information backward and forwards between Legacy and FamilySearch.

How To Best Prepare For Legacy And The FamilySearch Interface

This article helps you prepare your family file for better use with the Legacy and its interface with FamilySearch.

Even if you do not plan to synchronize your data with FamilySearch, this article will help with important insights on cleaning up and standardizing your data.

Aim: Reduce Duplication

One of FamilySearch’s goals is to help reduce duplication both in original research and in LDS ordinance submissions. Legacy software includes tools to check for duplicates.

Clicking on the new “Possible Duplicates” tab checks to see if the current individual is in their databases. The user then has the choice to combine any duplicates.

Working With New FamilySearch

Legacy users will be able to backup, search and synchronize their Legacy Tree file with FamilySearch. There are abundant benefits.

But the information at FamilySearch is only as good as you give. Therefore, treat the information online as a good starting point and as a means of collaborating with other researchers.

Therefore, it is important to clean up and standardize the Legacy Tree file, before working with FamilySearch. Searching your family file for duplicate individuals is an important part to manage a well-kept family file.

You may have duplicate individuals in your family file for reasons. Using the Merge tool in Legacy Software, you can easily find and combine duplicates.

Steps To Find Duplicates

  • Open your family file, then go to Tools > Merge > Find Duplicates.
  • To merge a Legacy Tree file, it is a great idea to make a backup of your file.
  • Clicking on the Backup button, come back to this screen and click Continue.
  • Now you see the Merge Options screen.
  • Mostly, just leave everything the way it is and click on the Continue button.
  • If you just want to see a report of potential duplicates, click on the Print button.
  • Below is the Merge screen. At the far bottom left it shows the number of sets of potential duplicates and which number you are currently viewing.
  • In this case, there are four sets of potential duplicates, and we are viewing the first set.

However, Compare the person on the left with the person on the right. The top part of the screen shows the basic information about each person. The bottom half of the screen shows any differences between the two.

If you decide that the two individuals are the same, click on the Merge Right Individual into Left Individual button. Legacy Family Tree Software then displays the next set of potential duplicates.

If, after you compare the two, you decide that they are NOT the same person, click on the small button in the lower right with the crossed-out circle. This will add this set to the Not Duplicates List, and they will not appear in future Match/Merge sessions.

If you need to pause your merge session, just click on the Close button. Legacy will save your place in the merge session. The next time you start Legacy Software, it will ask you if you want to continue merging. Now that your family file’s duplicates are cleaned up, you are better prepared to work with FamilySearch.

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