RootsMagic family tree

The RootsMagic family tree is a genealogy software application. RootsMagic Inc has developed this software. A software design and development company founded by Bruce Buzbee in 1987. It is in the United States of America. First RootsMagic software was released 17 years ago in 2003.

RootsMagic Family Tree Genealogy Software

More information about RootsMagic! It is a genealogy program that helps family historians and genealogists trace, compile, print, and share the family history of its users. It imports data from or export data to the website.

Their purpose is simple–to bring joy to people by reuniting them with lost or unknown family members in a fun and simple way. They began with Family Origins software and now continue on their mission with RootsMagic’s various products like “Personal Historian”, “Family Reunion Organizer” and “Family Atlas”.

Except for Family Atlas, which can be downloaded only when you buy it. All other software comes in both free and paid versions. RootsMagic Family Tree Magic lets users research and draw comprehensive family trees using data from various sources, including

Use of Personal Historian in RootsMagic Family Tree Software. Personal Historian software is a Personal & Family History Writing Software which enables users to write the stories of their lives and of other members of their families.

The software breaks down the gigantic task of writing a personal history into small, easy To-do tasks. Then combine into a complete document.

You can publish the document doing nothing. Family Altas is a Genealogy Mapping & Publishing Software, which is a fun and simple approach to place your family history on the map.

Users can find and follow their ancestors’ migration across the globe and make personal family maps! Family Reunion Organizer is a Family Reunion Planning Software.


It instructs the users step by step how to plan family gatherings and get together and helps in organizing guest lists, finances, schedules, and assignments. Family Reunion gives you the idea to entertain people, while you show them your family history.

Users can buy and download the software from the RootsMagic website. How can I get RootsMagic Support? You can call RootsMagic phone number to get help.

If you don’t have paid version software, then you may not get help. If you have paid version, then you can get free support by calling RootsMagic. You can also call a genealogist help to get help us. Please know, genealogist help is a premium support service. So you will need to pay for our support. Call us for more information +1-800-566-7300.

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