Find a Grave: 7 Strategies For A Successful Grave Search

Find A Grave of Ancestors

In addition, we will discuss how to Find a Grave and increase your family history. Find a Grave is home to over 190 million gravestone memorials around the world and the numbers only keep increasing every year. Volunteers and relatives have contributed about 170 million images of not only tombstones but also of people and genealogical documents. The site was acquired by in 2013.

FindAGrave of Ancestors

Seven Strategies For Find A Grave

Name Search For Find A Grave

Choose a relative, even one whose burial place you already know- try to see what you can find. Follow these steps on the home page:

  • Enter at least a surname and narrow your results by adding a birth or death year. Add a burial location or last known residence if known.
  • After That, Click More Search Option to include similar name spelling/partial surname matches in search results.
  • Try using wildcard characters for unknown letters in the name.

You may not find entries on your first try. However, just keep looking until you find a relative and then explore his or her memorials.

Look For Other Relatives Buried Nearby

There are many memorials that link to an additional memorial for the deceased first-degree relatives. Likewise, These names can help confirm that you’ve found the right memorial or give you new research leads to follow.

Relatives whose memorials aren’t linked together

For such cases, follow these steps:

  • Go to the right side of a memorial
  • Choose among options to search for memorials with the same surname in the same cemetery or in the surrounding geographical area.

Verify Historical Evidence

Make sure to double-check the reliability of the evidence you find. For every date, place, or family relationship, evaluate its authenticity. By verifying, you will help build a more accurate tree and may lead to additional family discoveries.

How To Check And Save Your Evidence?

To check the reliability of your data, try following these procedures:

  • Scrutinize any tombstone image. They may spell out names, dates, places, and even family relationships that you need to confirm.
  • Review other evidence, such as images of birth or death certificate or obituaries.
  • Extract all information into your family tree and cite your sources
  • Attach the memorial to someone on your Ancestry tree by clicking Save To and selecting Ancestry
  • You can also attach memorials to FamilySearch’s Family Tree
  • Log in to FamilySearch
  • Go to Family Tree and navigate to the right person page
  • Search for the Find a Grave memorial and attach it
  • Follow up with additional research to verify and complete what you see on Find a Grave 

Learn More About The Cemetery

In each memorial, you will find a link to a landing page for the burial ground. The details on the page may vary. There will be several standard items that will appear at the top alternative names, location, map link, cemetery office phone number, etc.

All these items will provide a lot of valuable information for anyone wanting to locate additional burial records and so on.

Thank Volunteers And Collaborate With Relatives

Most Find Grave contributors are either local volunteers or relatives. Sometimes memorials are created by a local and the relatives fill in with any additional resources.

How To Contact The Contributors

  • Click on View Source by the Memorial ID number. You will see a link to the user profile of the memorial creator and current manager.
  • Click on the user profile to contact contributors

NOTE: Do not forget to thank them for their efforts and contribution!

Check the submitters’ user profile to see whether it gives permission to use their images before you copy, download, or use pictures shared on Find a Grave

Additional Information

In order to share any information that you might have known or stumbled across, follow the steps given down below:

  • Create a free login
  • Click Suggest Edits
  • Information already in the memorial will auto-fill in the appropriate boxes.
  • You can now add or edit any information you want.
  • Click Save Suggestions to send the edits to the manager.

NOTE: To add images or digitized documents, just click Add Photos from the memorial page.

Leave A Personal Memento

You can leave a virtual flower and note to show that you have come by. Simply click on flowers > Leave a Flower.

You do not have to travel any distance to honor the past and pay respect to your ancestors. In Find a Grave’s virtual cemeteries the flowers will never wilt.

Need Support

If you are looking for support you can visit our website Genealogist Help or you can call us our number +1-800-566-7300.


#Q1: What is the purpose of Findagrave?

Ans: The purpose of Findagrave is to help people from all over the world work together and find the genealogical records and present the final disposition.

#Q2: How do you find someone’s grave?

Ans: First, for finding someone’s grave open Then enter the first name and last name if you know. The last name is required for searching any person. If you have any additional information then it is beneficial to you and helps in searching for a grave.

#Q3: How do I delete a picture from findagrave?

Ans: First choose the photo that you want to delete after that right-click on the photo and select the delete option. Click on the delete option, and your photo will be deleted.

#Q4: Who runs find a grave?

Ans: From 1995 to 2013 find a grave runs by Jim Tipton but since 2013 it is runs by

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