How to Sign in and Sign out of Ancestry Account?

Tracing your family history is an exciting journey, and Ancestry makes it easy to get started. If you want to sign in to your ancestry account so please stay here. 

Steps For Sign in to Ancestry Account 

The following are the steps for signing in to your Ancestory.Com Login page. First, you would need to sign up for an ancestry account. And then you must go to your email and find an email that is sent by ancestry to activate your account. Next, you should activate your account. And now you got to go to the ancestry login page. You must now type your username or email address and password in the given fields. After that in the next windows, you should see your ancestry account page.

Steps For Sign out of Ancestry Account 

You need to start by selecting your name, username, or profile picture just in the top right corner of any page of Ancestry. And then you must choose the ‘Sign Out’ button.