Family Tree Maker 2019 Download and Install

Family Tree Maker 2019 Overview

Family tree maker 2019 the latest version of family tree software. FTM 2019 released on 26 Sep 2019. It is a prevalent genealogy software. FTM 2019 has some new unique features that make it so popular.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Features

1. Tree sync is easy with FTM 2019 2. Accessible data merging into the tree 3. Easy uploading and downloading family trees 4. Attractive maps 5. Rich Color coding feature

Download Family Tree Maker 2019

Download Family Tree Maker 2019

1. First, go to the Mackiev website. 2. Go to the menu and click on the family tree maker. 3. You will see a buy option; click on it. 4. A new page will open where you have to select your country. 5. After that, you will see a new page where you have to click on the family tree maker.

Some Steps are given below for Download FTM 2019

1. Choose the option that you want. 2. After choosing the option, you will pay the price of FTM 2019. 3. You must fill in basic information like name, email, phone number, country, state, zip code, and city. 4. When you have done all of this, then after paying the payment, you will get an email in which you will have the download link. 5. Click on that link. Your FTM 2019 will be downloaded.

Install Family Tree Maker 2019

1. Open the mail in which you have the download link for FTM 2019. 2. Click on the download link. 3. As soon as you click the download link, your installation will start. 4. After installation of FTM 2019, you will see an FTM 2019 icon on your desktop screen. 5. Now you can open your FTM by double clicking on it. Apart from this, you can easily sync your family tree with ancestry.

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